Strange problem with displaying and viewing photos

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12.11.2018 10:53:00
There was a jpg file. then accidentally deleted it, then restored it.
and now there is a strange picture.

1. if you find the file as a conductor, then you can see a small picture on the lower left of the monitor, you can also see it completely if there are several files in the folder - but this is if this file is not opened and the second half of the picture is gray (the original photo is with b / w photocopies)
is the same - if you open the file with different editors.
3. what is interesting if you open the folder sewn into MS office by MS Picture Manager in the " View Slices " then at the first moment the PICTURE IS SEEN WHOLE! ! ! and then very quickly half is filled with gray and the image again becomes as I described above.

what do you say?

12.11.2018 11:13:00

A broken file - what else to say, then? . . .

12.11.2018 11:30:00
In jpg files there is usually not only the main image, but also a small thumbnail. You have the main image beaten, but there is no thumbnail.

12.11.2018 12:36:00

apparently it is. . .
sorry. . . I thought that the whole image was preserved somewhere. the header of the file just spoiled, which prevents its output entirely.
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Strange problem with displaying and viewing photos