Advise a camera for an advanced amateur.

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11.11.2018 23:48:00
Advise a camera for an advanced amateur. Wrote a lot of text below, but these requirements may be relevant to many.

I used to have a Canon Powershot G1X compact (2012), but there were only 14 megapixels in it, and in general the pictures were no longer a delight. I wanted something newer, better, more complicated. Better than my old CD that I sold. I want the depth of the frame, shades of colors, shadows and other things.

I am not a professional photographer, I take photos occasionally: concerts (clubs, stadiums, concert halls), sports (stadiums), cities (architecture), nature (landscapes, birds, water), less often - portrait shooting. It may be that during the day you have to take pictures in completely different conditions and situations, including in bad weather and in poor light. Protection is important (dust and spray).

I often photograph spontaneously on trips (business trips, vacations), so I would like the camera with the lens to weigh no more than 1, 5 kg (a little more, but better smaller).
The possibility of an optical zoom and stabilizer is important. Zoom the more the better (at least 4x, better 6x or even more).

The ability to shoot video is important, usually it is 1-10 minutes, HD quality is sufficient.

I am ready for expensive interchangeable lenses, but I’m not ready to have more than two lenses at home, and I’m not ready to take more than one primary lens on the road.

The modern electronic filling of the camera, an iOS application is important.

Photos and videos I do not process in any editors after shooting (no time), I can only trim the excess.

There are no restrictions on price, I’m ready to pay for the quality, but I want a reasonable price-performance ratio. I focus on the range of 50-200 thousand rubles "for everything", but I am not ready to overpay.

12.11.2018 0:23:00
& gt; I would like the camera together with the lens to weigh no more than 1, 5 kg
& gt; I don’t process the photos and videos in any editors. Ntbtrtytett41285 You missed your time. It was necessary to take Polaroid)

12.11.2018 4:02:00

Well, in modern times I would recommend FF BZK for your requests, of course. You can immediately take a native whale (if you get money) or a carcass with an adapter for mirror lenses.
If you do not want to bother with the processing of photos, then I would take Kenon in your place - after all, his color is the most conventional. " out of the box " especially in terms of shooting people. In this case, the best option - Canon EOS R + RF 24-105.
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Advise a camera for an advanced amateur.