Photoshop CS6 - How to remove a layer from the " (?) " layer?

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05.09.2018 11:49:00
To make it clear about what - below is a screenshot.

A region is selected (the "frame is moving") - I try to press the usual Delete key (Menu - & gt; Clear) - I get this error (below is a screenshot).

You need to delete part of the layer to show below it - part of the continuation of the diagram. How to do it?
By the way " Menu - & gt; Clear " - also becomes gray-inaccessible.

05.09.2018 11:59:00
I forgot it. But can I do this mask? Layer - & gt; Layer Mask - & gt; Reveal All. Just on a black mask to draw, where it is necessary to be erased.

05.09.2018 12:14:00

Obviously this is not " layer " , but SmartObject.

To work with it as a layer, you need to convert it to a layer. Well - or use the tools for SmartObject.

05.09.2018 12:31:00
Thank you all!

Is there any quick conversion key? or somewhere in " Menu " ?

05.09.2018 12:46:00

Layer & gt; Rasterise & gt; Smart Object

But after that, editing its contents will be impossible, it will turn it into a picture.
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Photoshop CS6 - How to remove a layer from the " (?) " layer?