Bezzerkalki Nikon 2018: Z6 and Z7

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19.08.2018 4:12:00

In less than a week, namely on Wednesday and Thursday, August 23, Nikon should announce two mirrorless Z6 and Z7 cameras, as well as several high-aperture lenses to them.

The cameras must be of the FX type, because they are Full Frame. As I understand it, so far, APC-S is not planned. The price is likely from $ 3000. I do not think that Nikon will try to compete with Sony at a price (which now costs here in the US $ 2200), so I believe that prices will be higher than those of A7 iii. There were rumors about $ 3K +, and I think that Nikon will do so, since it's Nikon. . .

Specifications and general opinions about the cameras can be seen so far on the Nikon Rumors. There have already been a lot of news on this topic, for example:

https: // nikonrumors. com / 2018/08/16 / first-nikon-z-mir ... -the-camera. cf. com / 2018/08/13 / breaking-nikon-z6 ... unced-later. As far as I understand, if Nikon does not zafyleit anything, then shipment of cameras to end customers will begin in a month, ie, at the end of September.

You can see the announcement on the Nikon website, for example, here:
https: // www. nikonusa. com / en / nikon-products / mirrorles ... s: 081618: week4_ml

The announcement itself will be streamed, which should start on the 23rd of August at 12am EST or 7am in Moscow on the 24th of August. Of course, all this will later be available on YouTube and on the site of Nikonrumors.

I'm currently shooting on the D500 and seriously thinking about taking one of these Z6 or Z7 cameras, but I'll wait for tests and reviews first. So far, I'm inclined towards Z6, because, in theory, it's better in low light. From these cameras I expect a high rate of fire when shooting photos and excellent video shooting, but I still want more for the video.

Let's discuss these cameras here!

I see already have a theme for bezzerkalkam Z-series: (?) FF UPC Nikon Z-series and the optics it

In general, the point in 2 identical topics there, so I think it is then possible to discuss any specific camera.

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Bezzerkalki Nikon 2018: Z6 and Z7