Photo Contest on: " Girl and Bike " )))

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24.07.2018 11:58:00
I think it is appropriate to hold a small festival competition, as in the good old days. All comers are sent to this thread their most powerful photos and series, united by a theme, up to 5 pcs. from one author. By a general vote by October, it will be possible to take stock, highlight the most interesting, avant-garde and conceptual. Technical quality within the framework of reasonable sufficiency. Hard eroticism is not welcome. The names and conditions of the shooting are optional. The creation date is unlimited. Complete freedom in the choice of characters and plots!

* An example is a snapshot from the bikes site. sportfeeds. org

24.07.2018 12:09:00
To find somewhere else a girl with a bicycle

24.07.2018 12:23:00
Yes, the question about the girl is complicated. I myself wanted to find someone to pose for. . . Probably, it would be reasonable not to limit age and external data " girls " . Let it be women of all ages within the framework of decent.

25.07.2018 11:00:00
))) In the old days the themes of photo contests were quite diverse, but simple in nature. Like: " My family and my pets " , " The workforce of my plant and his life. . . "

. . . Now the photographers are not the same. . .

* Pictures of unknown authors from the network.

25.07.2018 11:31:00
Well at least, not " Girl and Banana " . And so that without hard eroticism.

25.07.2018 12:04:00
These photos with girls and bicycles have the impression that they find 10 differences, well, except for the angles of different))

In short, while I have a suspicion that you risk defeating in the competition for non-attendance of other participants. . . although other people's photos

25.07.2018 12:33:00

I would like to see other points of view on the topic " woman and bicycle " , because separately the theme of women is too deep and immense, and together with the great they form a fantasy-limiting tandem, which can be expressed in a nonverbal way in the most unusual ways. At the same time, each time shifting the semantic nuances, working with textures, light, color, inner movement, form, mood, proceeding from the genres chosen for this task: reportage, portrait, landscape with portrait elements, clean art, advertising, etc.

25.07.2018 13:13:00
So I'm only for. . . But somehow I do not want to operate and appeal somebody else's photos, but I want to find a woman with a bicycle that would like a) I would like to take a picture, b) it was much more sfotkat with it, well, in general there are some problems. Although, give me a good point A, I urgently need a sufficient process for the process, even though I will complain along the way for the lack of a suitable portraitist.

25.07.2018 13:44:00

I also do not have a suitable portrait and sensible woman, but I think I should look. . . Cherche la femme!

I see a picture in the advertisement format, but not typical. . .

25.07.2018 16:47:00

I would like to see all the others then
I had one (if this is not a ladies' version), and it is made of a three-wheeled two-wheeled. Pedals are always turning, do not let go of the hill!

25.07.2018 18:21:00
Nantu at hand, no girl, not great. . . Ambush

25.07.2018 21:36:00
Here is lying around, and the woman is, and the bike, and without eroticism http: // ixbt. photo /? id = photo: 1177780

25.07.2018 21:56:00

That's lying around, and the woman is, and the bike, and without erotic http: // ixbt. photo /? id = photo: 1177780

No, well, I'm sorry, but it's just like a snapshot of the " Girl and Bike " - this is not erotic, but pornography

25.07.2018 21:58:00
Hardcore erotica is not welcome.

There is also no reward. No one wants your competition.

25.07.2018 23:52:00
At us earlier each year passed competition and show " Lady on a bicycle "
Photos left very much. I'll have to muddle the album.
For an example, several photos.
DSC_0757-. jpg on ixbt. ... JPG on ixbt. ... JPG on ixbt. photo:

DSC_0356. JPG on ixbt. photo:

26.07.2018 8:39:00

Great application!

However, without the prizes, awards and passing banners, the competition does not inspire confidence. It would be necessary for the future prize-winners to organize a large, chocolate, gold medal.

26.07.2018 8:45:00
why only a bicycle. shirche nada. girl and a vacuum cleaner. girl and airplane. girl and computer. yes there is little to what else you can lean against a girl

It's good for a sailor - he comes to the port, the girl meets him there.
It's good for a pilot to fly to the airport, he meets a girl there.
It's good for the machinist - he comes to the station, he meets the girl there.

Bad only for a girl - then to the port, then to the station, then to the airport

26.07.2018 9:06:00
I have them: http: // ixbt. photo /? id = photo: 1239421
A " Girl / Aunt and Bike " will not be an offtopic?

26.07.2018 9:26:00
Yes, everything is fine. " Woman and Bicycle " - The expanded theme implies greater freedom of expression. And you can submit four pictures before the end of the autumn. This is a joke, (not very serious, but in the strict framework of the pioneer competition).

26.07.2018 12:41:00

26.07.2018 12:47:00

Portrait of a convincing!
Almost at all competitions it is customary to limit the deadlines and the number of works from one participant.

. . . Photographer - pioneer be ready to rent a woman and a bicycle! Gt; . . The pioneer is honest and bold. ))) He does not come to mind cheating comrades and shoving other people's shots under the guise of their own.

26.07.2018 13:33:00
Photographer - pioneer be ready to rent a woman and a bicycle!

I have one friend who has heavy jokes under his own weight falling somewhere below the level of the belt. . . He also said that everything in your photo forum is too sterile. . . I'll quote him, yes

26.07.2018 13:39:00

06.08.2018 11:50:00
Still, the classic painting inspires a good search for a woman and a bicycle. . .

* Alexander Deineka, painting, canvas, oil. " Farmer on a bicycle "

06.08.2018 17:48:00
so that the good from the gallery was not wasted:
DSCF0238-1. jpg on ixbt. ... jpg on ixbt. photo:

07.08.2018 14:50:00
Here is the theme with a mass photo of girls with bicycles.

07.08.2018 15:13:00

This is the theme of

This is the same erotic picture from the Internet - here I understand the idea to put photos taken by yourself on your camera.

And yes, to dial into Google a girl on the verge or naked girl on bike everyone can

07.08.2018 15:50:00
sorry, guys, but the picture " Farmer on a bicycle " is of interest only for the gallery, and special gourmet

look there is nothing

way, TS to zamanuhi posted footage was sexy girls, and not collective farmers)))

07.08.2018 15:54:00
The competition of the best photographs presupposes the presence of non-ordinary, on-duty photographs on a given topic, and some, original at least something, in a more or less successful form, according to the general canons of artistic photography.

. . . You can just imagine that he received an important creative order: to shoot a series for the legendary calendar Pirelli. . . There will be strict judges, venerable pros, a large influx of photos from around the world! Hack for the instagram will not work.

* As an example of the performance level, the picture below: 1987 - Waris Dirie, photographer Terence Donovan. (Photo: Pirelli). And an antique advertising drawing.

07.08.2018 15:57:00
1st frame - offtopic
2nd - not a photo at all

07.08.2018 15:57:00

These are examples of genre concepts. )))

07.08.2018 16:03:00
yes sneeze on all these concepts and genres)

the frame should be interesting

07.08.2018 16:04:00

yes sneeze on all of these concepts and genres) frame should be interesting

Who and what is interesting?

07.08.2018 16:08:00
Here's an example frame

me it is interesting

07.08.2018 16:12:00

Great shot! Where to find such a girl? !! . )))
Great like it is. . .

07.08.2018 16:15:00
Where would I find such a girl?

here at least one write honestly

I had frame , but had to be removed

08.08.2018 13:41:00
not my

08.08.2018 15:16:00

picture " Farmer on a bicycle " is of interest only for galleries and special gourmets. It's so interesting to fool a girl hard, but also on a bicycle.

08.08.2018 15:28:00
can be removed in the presence of normal AF at al jogging motion))

from such

to such


15.08.2018 9:17:00

21.08.2018 11:49:00
I feel that for me the simple kind of contest theme becomes a challenge. Whether it's laziness or a creative crisis, it's difficult to push yourself to a purposeful activity to find a suitable woman and organize a long-time event in the form of a series of photo sessions, so that from a dozen raw frames to choose one whole photo in which the inspiration, freshness, , the fragrance of eroticism, the decisive moment, texture, the mood of summer and holiday. . .

* Below is a shot of the powerful street photographer Robert Duano.

21.08.2018 14:06:00
Several years ago I had a chance to learn to ride a bike Woman (33y.o.)
well that it was the correct weight (50kg) and sports teleslozheniya
until I have it caught, had pereschupat from and to )))

from the outside it looked 1B1 as in frame with an Internet


01.09.2018 8:34:00
After a week there will be tons of photos of girls (and not very much) on bicycles from our local photographers - https: // philadelphianakedbikeride. wordpress. com / Join now. . .

16.10.2018 11:34:00

16.11.2018 10:56:00
Even the classics of world photography told novice photo amateurs that photography without a person essentially loses meaningful fullness and harmony. Even beautiful landscapes without people or animals are often perceived as dryish and hollow.

On the other hand, pictures in which more than 1-2 people look messy and mushy in terms of composition, with rare exceptions.

Modern photographers have the same typical compositional mistakes of beginners, as they did 30 years ago, although the technique has changed a lot and knowledge seems to be added. The problem is probably the critical and conscious selection of photos. This is worth learning for life. IMHO.

By the way, a cool promotional photo of an unknown photographer from the site http: // favim. com / image / 2833599 /

17.11.2018 9:29:00
Chota you poseri some mostly

17.11.2018 9:39:00

Here's the correct bike girl for you

17.11.2018 9:58:00

Yes, there are partly children. It's still early, in contrast to the girl in the first picture of 14 years old. And she can already ignite.

And without protection it is not very safe.

The girl from the picture 4

17.11.2018 10:00:00

The girl in the first picture of 14 years old.

17.11.2018 10:07:00

Normal girl

https: // focusnutrend. files. wordpress. com / 2012/10 / mg_… 76_red_small2. jpg

A photo in a bathing suit or without did not find
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Photo Contest on: " Girl and Bike " )))