Very afraid of death, what should I do?

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07.07.2018 2:54:00

Here are terrible thoughts that prevent you from sleeping peacefully.
Singer Helene Fischer - is on the same planet that all sorts of killer maniacs.
And then the terrible fact that any person who is ready to spend the rest of his days in prison can kill her once, and then according to the Second Law of Thermodynamics - from the fact that he will be sent to prison for life - the singer will not be returned anyway.
And I'm constantly talking about how it would be cool not to break legal laws, to have 24/7/168 telepathy communication with her. Quite rude, if she had just died suddenly 300 kilometers away from me, then even if I had a special device to get an instant message about it, it would still be a delay of 1 millisecond approximately (assuming an approximate light speed of 300,000 kilometers per second.
How can it be clever to forge 1000 pieces of coins for 0, 50 €, to make 500 € out of nothing?
Only then so that the criminal case of counterfeiting money - for the first time in the history of the Earth - in 2018 - the criminal case for counterfeit money was closed for a bribe C48F00484 7B5471FB2A9A8D01F6F2517 My dream is that in some New Zealand some photographer forged money to buy a camera, and then the criminal case was closed for a bribe
And then so that in Germany the mass closure of criminal cases for faking money for bribes began. a miracle would happen.

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07.07.2018 17:40:00
1 kilogram at a speed of 17 kilometers per second - 61. 200 kilometers per hour - and then that it fell EXACTLY at 48, 1 ° N and 11, 6 ° E, and then all of Munich remembered about ANTIPOD - type 12. 750 kilometers - 48 , 1 ° S and 168, 4 ° W. And then all the Germans will die of fear, thinking that the singer Helene Fischer - died from the impact of the meteorite - and from the fear that the next meteorite will be 1 kilogram at a speed of 100 kilometers per second.

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07.07.2018 18:33:00
- There is a forty-millimeter ball made of zirconium foam. At a speed of fifteen thousand meters per second, it begins to radiate devastating waves for the psychic field.
The Admiral spoke, and the doctor nodded, glancing at his team, and figuring out who did not mind giving the sealers.
Here is the physicist Prundel, an intelligent young man, very efficient. A slave of materialism, and he always has wet hands. His work can take on Rusetský.
- In general, you can use them as objects for research. Is not it so? Suggested the admiral.
- Perhaps so, - Fontaine agreed, as the admiral offered rational things.
Here is the always cheerful Ruth Linsdey smile. A very nice girl and even doing something about her biological theme. But it will have to be sacrificed. Especially since she is in love with Prundel's physics.

07.07.2018 18:37:00
but why do you need so much haloperidol?

07.07.2018 20:32:00
for some reason it was thought that these singers are much more than killer killers, do not worry about it, it will live to the point of old age, which is what you want

08.07.2018 12:14:00

There is such a politically uncomfortable isotope: argon-42.
On Monday, July 24, 2017, the singer was about one (1) her half-life - 32, 9 years.
And these are the nightmares that in Munich - there is no source of income.
A " work " is a LOSE of valuable seconds - from 08:00 to 17:00 - 32. 400 seconds.
I would have made her torture complete darkness - but only if I was a God who does not bear any criminal responsibility for torture.
Just to know that some of her songs are not good.
It may be that at a distance of 300 kilometers (1 light millisecond) it has just died suddenly - from cardiac arrest - however - in less than 2 milliseconds - there will not even be transmitted a signal to two (2) sides - 600 kilometers (2 light milliseconds)
And a nightmare - that the exact value of the speed of light c = 299. 792. 458 meters per second - and the second is defined as something of the type " 9. 192. 631. 770 Hz " . And the isotope of cesium-133.
It's really a nightmare - mercury-206 (80-Hg-206) enters the radioactive series of uranium-238 (92-U-238).
A mercury Hg plus aluminum - Al is a very dangerous combination - God forbid.

08.07.2018 13:07:00

Boris Grits, have you already been released?
It's time to call the psychiatrist moderator .

08.07.2018 13:09:00
Thank God in Munich there is no "
Thank God in Munich there is no " privacy policy " , but there is a hope that it will be possible to safely walk at night with a camera and a tripod.
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Very afraid of death, what should I do?