Help with choosing a mirror camera for a beginner. The budget is not more than 30 thousand rubles.

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03.07.2018 12:10:00
Hello. Help with choosing a mirror camera for a beginner. The budget is not more than 30 thousand rubles.

03.07.2018 12:17:00
Hello everyone. Help with choosing a mirror camera for a beginner. The budget is not more than 30 thousand rubles.
USED see

03.07.2018 12:22:00

Used, see
Why not recommend an entry-level budget entry level system? We are just talking about them.

03.07.2018 13:53:00

Help with choosing a specular camera for a beginner.

03.07.2018 13:59:00
ZK Nikon D3400 + whale 18-55 (slightly more expensive)
CZK Canon M100 + whale 15-45 (be entered in the price).
be sure to take a look at the live M100, a large sensor in a very compact case, a good automat + all manual settings.

Boo ZK / PPC in 1. 5-2 times cheaper to find it possible, the issue of antiquity and state

03.07.2018 20:41:00
I would look for 30 thousand in the direction of Sony A 6000 with 16-50, bu can be found cheaper on warranty in excellent condition.
The quality of the photo will be no worse than the initial and average DSLRs, video, so generally excellent.
Well and on dimensions in a prize.

04.07.2018 1:18:00
Sonia podzabila on their croz bzk, all the strength to ff let.
With lenses problems can be, 35 mm in the equivalent they do not have, and the whale is perhaps the most terrible among all released. Bu for inexpensive - well, maybe for 30 nafig-nafig.

04.07.2018 6:09:00
Go to the store and look, feel. What you like, then buy.

04.07.2018 7:48:00
You need to go to the store when you already know which options are right.
you first need to study the market.

camera comparison up to $ 500:

https: // m. dpreview. com / reviews / buying-guide-best-cameras-under-500/2 4E8699310EA943D5ADDD55ED018732D

04.07.2018 8:59:00

Help with choosing a SLR camera for a beginner.
Photographing probably.

04.07.2018 15:07:00

Photographing probably.
The question is actually more serious than it seems. Photographing What (speed, illumination, range, etc.)? Do I need a video and how much? And most importantly - to determine which system to start, what is in it, the prospect of estimating ts. , since a mirror (more precisely a large matrix) is for a long time, the first carcass (a firm bayonet) is a point for fouling for many years to come.
used junior SLRs with 5 lenses come with a lens, the quality of the photos is excellent for everyone, it's not worth it to spend on a younger carcass, in the amount of 30 you can buy something from the glasses.

04.07.2018 15:55:00
Photographing What (speed, illuminance, range, etc.)?
And with such a budget it does not matter, they are all about the same. It is necessary to take any camera with a 24 megapixel sensor APS-C preferably the system that your friends have, so that you could borrow lenses. From lenses - first a whale and 50 1. 8, because it is cheap and gives you everything you need, there you will understand what you need, if you do not have to sell it.

04.07.2018 19:07:00
KMC SLR now buy either " by inertia " t. To. Earlier they gave the most qualitative photos, or for work.
Itself went through this, starting with 1mp soap dish, then to the SLR (there was Nikon and Kenon) with several lenses and flash and eventually moved to the PPC with a single aperture zoom lens.
What am I for? To what to buy, then the SLR is not a problem and even the glasses are full of good for not expensive. But only the BZK has long been caught up, and some have overtaken the quality of the ZK, not to mention the size. . . And yes, it's becoming more difficult to sell a DSLR in the secondary housing sector, because few people are interested in it.

04.07.2018 19:57:00
Right now Olika will advise

04.07.2018 20:36:00

Olya has good cameras, but I would advise c APS-C. In general, if you want to always have a camera at hand, then the issue of mass / dimensions becomes quite important and should not be neglected. That is why my backpack with a SLR was changed to a PPC with a universal aperture. And then the question is how much and who is ready to sacrifice.

04.07.2018 20:52:00
M100 and there is the most compact modern on-board APS-C, comes with a fit whale and is a high-performance compact stadnik.

04.07.2018 21:23:00

the backpack with the SLR was changed to a PPC with a universal aperture.
Until I was summoned by wild geese - walked with a tiny cube in which 3 generations of Nikons changed first with a whale, then Sigma 30 1. 4DC - from 40x-3100-3300. And everything is still in business.

04.07.2018 21:41:00

The M100 is not bad at all, judging by the review on dpreview, but as someone in the arm will lie, is also not unimportant fact, one must look in the store.

What's the point in a DSL if you have 1 whale? SLR, it is primarily a system with a bunch of possibilities for changing optics, flashes and other accessories, which are still less for the PPC than for the ZK, and this is why it is valuable, as there is no longer any quality in the initial and medium models.

04.07.2018 22:05:00

What's the point in a DSL if you have 1 whale?
In this topic, a person wants an initial SLR - this means a whale, possibly plus 1 glass.
Most of this is enough. As it is then - well, that's worth a look at what kind of system is, although the initial kits can remain so for long.

I do not like БЗК for a gluttonous viewfinder - to spend battery even " to look " -not good.

21.08.2018 9:02:00
Hello. Help me choose the first DSLR for a beginner photographer. I will photograph everything (family, nature, travel), to replace the old compact, does not like the quality of photos. I choose between:
1) Nikon D5600 with Tamron AF18-200mm F / 3 lens. 5-6. 3 XR Di II LD Aspherical IF
2) Canon EOS 200D with Canon EF-S lens 18-135mm f / 3. 5-5. 6 IS STM
Can you suggest something more from analog cameras / lenses?

21.08.2018 9:13:00
Canon M100 or M50.
The D5600 is very good, but the crooked bark is noticeably smaller.

21.08.2018 9:23:00
Now I have Canon Power Shot 220 HS. It has an optical zoom of 14x. You need a lens with a big zoom, because it's used to shoot like that. And with the bayonet EF-M, I did not find anything at sane prices.
I would take Canon PowerShot G3 X instead of M100 or M50.

21.08.2018 12:06:00
14 times zoom on cameras with interchangeable optics is unrealistic.
that's it and 125 times there.
why ask about the system class of cameras, and then jump to a compact?
Take what you want, of course

21.08.2018 13:30:00
It may be necessary to say that if we are talking about large-scale cameras, then we can forget about the large zoom, or in any case it will be either too expensive, or very dark, or very soapy. That without problems is real for matrices 1/2. 33 " even with a good quality (we recall Valery with his Panasonic FZ150), for example, a fullframe turns into something completely unreal.

21.08.2018 13:38:00
14F39C04F14D4221A8B8F3F7478297BE 14 times the zoom on cameras with interchangeable optics is unrealistic.

Come 22x: Tamron 18-400

21.08.2018 14:51:00
Gee. . . And, by the way, very much even it is quite good
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Help with choosing a mirror camera for a beginner. The budget is not more than 30 thousand rubles.