Photographers are politically undesirable people?

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20.05.2018 20:58:00
All questions - why I do not work in Germany, although here " now low unemployment " .
Because I consider physical quantities, primarily time t.
Time t - the physical quantity is very limited.
In a leap year - 365 days, 8. 760 hours, 525. 600 minutes, or 31. 536. 000 seconds.
And in a leap year - 366 days, 8. 784 hours, 527. 040 minutes or 31. 622. 400 seconds.
Just one billion seconds (1,000,000,000) is already about 31, 6 years old.
As an example, I always quote " German " She has a date of birth August 5, 1984, and today is May 20, 2018 - and her age can be counted online.
[url] https: // www. timeanddate. com / date / durationresult. html? d1 = 05 & amp; m1 = 08 & amp; y1 = 1984 & amp; d2 = 20 & amp; m2 = 05 & amp; y2 = 2018
[/ url]

In English. . .
From and including: Sonntag, 5. August 1984
To, but not including Sonntag, 20. Mai 2018

Result: 12 341 days
It is 12 341 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date

Or 33 years, 9 months, 15 days excluding the end date

Alternative time units
12 341 days can be converted to one of these units:

1066262400 seconds
17771040 minutes
296,184 hours
12,341 days
1763 weeks
3381, 10% of a common year (365 days)
From the photographer's point of view, any other work to earn the camera's cost is a waste of time that could be spent on the actual shooting, but only with camera models that would survive at least 1,000,000 shutter releases.

I would like to be a photographer, but at the cost of which to pay for cameras?
They say that good returns, although for some reason it never returns in cash, but always in a form that no digital devices can buy - that's if this principle worked in cash, too. . . Yes - the question is, where are my photos. And I can not just put them online, because if I post it online, it will not give me income, and if I sell in photoshoots, it again seems to be extremely inefficient. Is there an effective way to sell photos? Or are photographers always receiving losses?

20.05.2018 21:06:00
Any questions - why I do not work in Germany
because in Holland?

21.05.2018 5:28:00
The best thing that could happen for photographers is that the price of photographic equipment fell sharply - so that people not only dreamed of photographic equipment. and finally bought it in plenty, but to very few store employees who, with this " will be out of work " - to pay the promised 1,000 euros per month of unconditional basic income (in German "Bedingungsloser Grundeinkommen".) And in Germany, the laws of nature act - photographing is still hard work, carrying kilograms of photographic equipment - and if you need a second job to pay for the prices of photographic equipment - this is the case " from the work of the horse dies ", yes, they say that we will not all die, but the vast majority of people will die and not die, and only a few favorites will die. - would it only reflashing - or put the App for night shooting - just do not waste time making money on the cost of the smartphone.
The time is very limited though.

Even the unimaginable 1 billion years is just about 3, 16 * 10 ^ 16 seconds, which is extremely small in comparison with Avogadro's number 6, 022 * 10 ^ 23, and in France-223 - half-life of 22, 3 minutes only, and his predecessor, actinium-227 - with a half-life of 21, 7 years - approximately - endless questions " but why is the world so unfairly structured - why does element 87 have such a half-life? .

I do not believe in € (EUR, EURO, Euro, or Oiro, as it is commonly called in Germany).
In Germany, there is a very unfavorable law to me that a dictophone is prohibited - and local psychiatrists put me diagnosed " photographic " , prescribe me tablets " Risperidone " against " photographic " , but it always seems to me that Risperidone is because it is believed that all people dream of forging money and these pills are actually needed so that people soon died of poisoning them, because dead people do not forge money because they are dead, yes I already have paranoia - it seems to me all the time that the whole of Munich is against me. It would be better to find Austrian contacts in WhatsApp (thank God, in WhatsApp - +49 Germany and +43 Austria is the same, no surcharge for messages to a foreign number, thank God, not even Great Britain +44, which voted for Brexit - exit from the European Union - and then without this co-payment.

The question "who exactly pays the fiber cables around the whole planet" is unknown to me ....

21.05.2018 10:28:00
Judging by the text, Risperidone does not help.

21.05.2018 21:30:00

Risperidone is what? Reconcile with the fact that lenses worth 1000 € are as fragile as bottle glass?
Yes, I do not want to know anything about autofocus lenses. Let the manual focus be.
The main thing is that if the police get stuck " delete photo " , quickly remove the photos before their eyes, run home, restore photos and put in Google Drive, so that all the believers in the " the right not to be photographed on a public street " shut up and did not play anymore.
The police here are really against photographers set up. They think that I frighten passers-by. And in fact, I'm afraid of the prices of photographic equipment - to photograph and so hard, why should photographers do the second job, to earn the cost of photographic equipment? So much to demand from photographers is like demanding from a person that if he has appendicitis, he should have an operation to remove appendicitis himself.
I'm just as simple a mortal as * Vladimir_. *, who already died on February 21, 2009, as far as I remember and I have a question about how to get rid of hated office work (which photographers are obliged to deal with on local views in order to earn money for the purchase of cameras) in order to take pictures themselves.
Let the lens be a mirror image, not a glass one, because metals are usually not fragile like glass, but flexible ones - so even if the lens, based on the withered mirrors instead of convex lenses, falls on concrete from one meter from it can survive.

21.05.2018 21:45:00

so that even if the lens, based on the diffused mirrors instead of convex lenses, falls on concrete from one meter from can survive.

But he will then shoot for sure very bent pictures

22.05.2018 2:31:00
Shoot with a compact

22.05.2018 8:34:00
" - I hope you are a Kirillovite? Your political credo?
-. . . Always!
- Be strong, help us abroad! . . " (c) Ilf and Petrov, " 12 chairs "

22.05.2018 9:06:00
The police here are really against photographers set up. They think that I frighten passers-by.
Not only passersby, but also reading this thread .

22.05.2018 14:15:00

Artists are almost always poor during their lifetime. No difference than they draw
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Photographers are politically undesirable people?