Choice of stedicam for mirrorless

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02.05.2018 15:27:00
Good afternoon.

Who was shooting the video in 4K, he probably understands that stabilizing the lens or matrix or both is not enough to implement smooth transitions and camera movement in general.

That's why I created this topic. I have Sony a6000, in the future there will be 6300/6500 this is a fairly compact camera, so the choice will concern budgetary 250-400 $ stabilization systems.

Reviewing market I still found the three proposals:
- Zhiyun Crane-M ($ 250 Amazon)
- Feiyu-Tech A1000 ($ 300 local market)
- Feiyu-Tech MG ($ 300 local market)

Prompt what from these options more functional / familiar / easy / quickly calibrated, etc. .

02.05.2018 16:03:00

Do you think here
- the video specialists have gathered,
- and owning and removing three! these devices in order to prompt a better

and did nothing

although local Video Forum is also not a lot of those, IMHO

may be better to videomaks?

02.05.2018 16:09:00
You do not have to be the owner of 3 pieces at once, it's enough to be a consultant in a shop selling professional photo equipment, where you can get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages. There is no such topic on ixbt)

P. s. not everyone has a full fleet of E-mount lenses, but there is a theme and everyone shares his impressions with comments, etc. I think this topic can be useful. . .

02.05.2018 17:19:00
Here: https: // www. youtube. com / channel / UC3G_ZxfbRzZB8EHVDl8Jcvg
is such a little funny, but the professional uncle poisons about steadicam.

03.05.2018 22:11:00

At 1DV there are owners and even the creator of 3-axis steadicams. You can ask them.

29.06.2018 22:58:00
I still bought Zhiyun Crane-M. Using three locks of the axes, it turned out quite easy and quick to calibrate my Sony A6000 camera. Everything works great and a mobile application, and a joystick. In one word, I'm happy with the purchase, DK I have a question:

It turns out that I can not deploy the stick 180 degrees as shown in the instruction (see attachment). It turns out that after a full calibration, the stick " bumps " o horizontal motor, and if you twist the stick in the other direction, then about the camera itself. In the screenshot, the junction area was marked with a yellow color. . .

Who has this stedikam and how can you set it up for a 180 degree turn?

30.06.2018 7:26:00

And what about the support device do not write?

30.06.2018 8:13:00
I write, but they have a day off, I'm waiting.

30.06.2018 9:11:00

The problem is that there is no serious competition in the market in this segment. And there is no it, since there is not much demand for such devices.
Why should you rotate 180 degrees?

30.06.2018 9:19:00
For example, you shoot a video like a normal self with a stick, but the story should be quickly dropped downwards, for example, for photographing something on the floor, for example, on a fur-tree. For example, you can simply omit the stedies and turn so that the cat is enough, but still , if there is such a function, and for many it works, which means that something is wrong with kolibrovki or something else. It is not a fact that I will use this effect daily, but it is morally necessary to understand whether it works or not.

30.06.2018 10:29:00
For example, you shoot video as an ordinary selfie stick, but the plot is necessary to quickly lower the Steadicam down, for example for shooting of something on the floor, such as a cat
good one roller will likely not be able to remove so.
because such a flip is accompanied by a camera swing. it becomes a grip of the camera with a quick flip of the handle.
and the jerking of the image in a coup is likely to have to be cut out.

but the function itself is useful, so apparently it is worthwhile to treat

only the subport does not help.
that's if you turn your head on, it can probably help.
the key to the solution is he from the series " unfrozen chicken " , " and you have not tried the pencil " : slide the rail

01.07.2018 10:25:00
Decision. Shift the lever. In order not to violate the balance, add a suitable lead on the lever lead sinker.
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Choice of stedicam for mirrorless