How to connect a Canon 760D to a TV?

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28.11.2016 14:38:00
Tell me please!
How to connect Canon 760D to a TV?
Connected via HDMI, the TV does not see the device. It may be necessary pokoldovat with the camera settings? you need to " twist & quot ;, which have passed the image on a TV set?
Thanks in advance!

28.11.2016 14:44:00

Connected via HDMI, the TV does not see the device.
set the camera to view the footage or turn on LV

28.11.2016 16:22:00

set the camera to view the footage or include LV
Unfortunately did not work ((
With Canon 600D to this problem not connected to a TV set, and once he caught her in all modes.

28.11.2016 23:04:00

How to connect the Canon 760D to a TV?

To view the footage there are many other ways that are not related to a decrease in the resource cameras. . .

29.11.2016 6:36:00

example here:
quote ( Instructions):
If you set [51: Wi-Fi / NFC] is set to [On], the camera can not be connected to the TV. Set out in paragraph [Wi-Fi / NFC] to [Disable], and then reconnect the camera to a TV with an HDMI cable or a stereo audio / video cable.
page 312 and further - esteem, suddenly help?

29.11.2016 7:21:00

exactly the same)) " ear & quot corner; heard that hdmi not working when the wi-fi))))
But if I have it, I do not know on)) Today, Check!
Thank you!

I do not need to view the footage, but for Stream. I have this camera does not take pictures.

29.11.2016 10:32:00

Well, and it is necessary to formulate the original problem, and not domyslennuyu or partial. As before, the original problem is not formulated. The stream can only watch, but you can write.

There are two options to work through wifi - view control on your smartphone and another in the camera menu, you have to watch what. Options vary the access point mode. I did currently only the first option, but on the other as well as the 760y compatible camera. Application " Canon Camera connect " only for android and apple cores. On a computer in the utilities also have a shooting control imaging camera in another embodiment, the access point. For companies there Plugin EOS Movie, should provide " transmission of video & quot ;, whether the flow I do not know - until his hands have not reached, it is necessary to put the latest version. A camera 600 and 760 are different in the two generations already 760ya network.

29.11.2016 12:32:00

necessary to connect the camera via Blackmagic UltraStudio Express to the Mac Book and via Wirecast Pro 7 display a picture in the air.
carry a video camera and the camera is too heavy. I would like to do the same camera.
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How to connect a Canon 760D to a TV?