The difference in lens Canon - explain!

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07.12.2015 20:55:00
For there are two camera lens:
Canon zoom lens EF-S 18-55 IS STM
Canon lens 40mm 1: 8 2. STM

Can you explain the difference between them. What fits the first, which second?
& gt; Landscape (panorama)
& gt; Portrait
& gt; Macro
& gt; Boke

If possible, more.

Thanks in advance!

07.12.2015 21:55:00

If you ask these questions, then you should start by reading the instructions to the camera, and some sort of picture books for beginners. Simple answers you definitely will not help, because there is not even the most elementary basis.
Look for books by Google, the benefits will be far greater.

08.12.2015 3:24:00
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The difference in lens Canon - explain!