Compact and shooting underwater

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18.10.2015 13:29:00
To begin with, that the search for tags "akvaboks, avkvachehol and shooting under water" produced no results. There
Canon S100 (generally keep quiet about SLR), a planned holiday in late November and corals of the Red Sea. And you want to buy an inexpensive akvachehol (damn crisis, and the entire vacation at the limit of the family budget). If you have been in Sharm, so much so it's no problem. As shown by the last visit in the old town you can find everything from the best to the more expensive. But at that time the way is one of the single hotels Marsa Alam. So I think we should take home.
eye on this model http: // www. onlinetrade. ru / catalogue / podvodnie_i_spor ... place_breadcrumbs ,
as there is a tube lens and closed glass.
Actually the question, if someone experiences and what is the result? You can

18.10.2015 14:16:00
Here we discussed similar options to choose the best impact-resistant, water-resistant compact.

18.10.2015 14:37:00
Thanks for the tip.
But a separate issue and need - zamanaeshsya look.

30.10.2015 15:09:00
He took as predicted underwater case Flama FL-WP-ONE. In December of that and how to accomplish your goal, well, I will lay out photos if something happen.

12.01.2016 14:01:00
Well, add
failed to shoot under water, but the video filmed in the sea, a bit in the pool. Keeps well, leaks there. Of the few photos, it can offer a second before faced a wave

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Compact and shooting underwater