Presets for Adobe Camera Raw

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24.11.2013 21:58:00
hey there! no one to share prisetami from Kartasheva?

25.11.2013 4:21:00
Priset - verification word "squat".

no share prisetami from Kartasheva?


Or, for example, here (the first that Google found) - http: // photoshop-master. org / education. html

25.11.2013 12:56:00

Still, better to buy - only 700 rubles. Even for the pensioner is quite lift price. With the presets are still and video tutorials:

http: // eugenekartashov. com / video / videocourses / 146-si ... a-camera-raw. html


presets still need to be able to use. I explain how to do it. I give it a system, the key is knowing which people can build their own flexible and rapid processing of thousands of photos. And for it, you will agree, it is necessary to pay more expensive.

25.11.2013 13:04:00
When you know how it works in a few simple movements all to do than stupid sort through hundreds of presets. When you do not know how it works - you can stumble accidentally on something that looks decent.
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Presets for Adobe Camera Raw