The algorithm of contrast AF

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02.05.2013 12:32:00
First wrote about it in a thread about the X-E1, but it looks like the problem is somewhat broader.

first time went to the X-E1 of the sea, and in a strange way to have trouble focusing on a clear day the horizon. Crept vague suspicion, checked on arrival. Indeed - X-E1 unable to focus on the horizontal line.

Pruflink - http: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = 1v2yEu4xg8E
Sory for the quality of video, filmed with a hand phone, but the point is clear.

Which sucks, I thought, Toli matter Sony or Panasonic. Panasonic I have not, but Sonia is. And oops! - Sonya and all the same. At least NEX-3.

http: // www. youtube. com / watch? v = vlez9TamHNY & amp; feature = youtu. be

In general, as I understand, in these examples comparing pixels with contrast AF is on one side, horizontally. What's this? For a fundamental limitation, or just deficiencies of specific companies / models?

02.05.2013 12:41:00

Reading from the matrix is ​​horizontal lines, but not in a row, and in one, 2, and so on. D.
The higher the sampling frequency, the more passes.
Plus Rolling shutter.
That seems to reduce the effect of the Pass strings - take into account only the contrast horizontally.

02.05.2013 16:38:00
I can say for SLR same thing if the sensor does not cross but the focus may not work in an upright position, again all on the location of the sensor focal looked at Nikon D90 and D700.

03.05.2013 11:23:00
On the SLR clear there on the orientation of the sensor depends on (if not cross or double cross). And then - was very surprised, always thought that the contrast is working "on all sides."

03.05.2013 11:42:00

Due to the fact that the matrix is ​​read a few lines, it is fundamentally impossible to sight sharpness at the lines more accurately step of reading from the sensor. Because they are sharp enough to a large range. E., Aiming at the lines can not be used independently, the maximum for a rough determination of where to find the focus. A precise focus has to look for vertical or inclined lines (just turn the camera just a few degrees - and focus hover).

03.05.2013 12:07:00
You can turn the camera 90 degrees, to focus, to turn back and take the picture. As with perekadrirovanii
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The algorithm of contrast AF