Samsung NX11 and backlight

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Samsung NX11 and backlight

backlit silhouette remains the only subject - uninformative black outline that emphasizes only the shape of the object.

f18 1/250 iso100 20mm

amount of information will be determined not only by the contrast of the subject and the background (the lighter the better), but the situation: for example, the silhouette of the bike, shot in front, less evident than the same bike silhouette shot from the side.

f22 1/250 iso100 20mm

But, however, the items taken in backlit, are not always silhouettes.
Although the main light source is in front of the camera, the object standing in front of you, always illuminated and indirect light - light from the sky, the light reflected from buildings, from the ground and so on.

f3, 5 1/250 iso200 18 mm

This light, by its very nature, soft, and it may be useful.
Shooting with backlighting can be very interesting. If you want to get in the foreground silhouettes, the checks should exhibit the brightly lit background, while the foreground is underexposed.

f22 1/800 iso100 20mm

It is very good to use when shooting a sunrise or sunset, but you can create silhouettes at any time of the day. This photo I took about 10 o'clock in the morning.

f4, 3 1/1000 iso200 29mm

shooting against the sun may well happen if a frame contains water and the sun creates a sparkling glow on her wavy surface.
This photo reminds moonscape night, only the sun's rays is said that shooting took place in the afternoon.

f22 1/1600 iso100 20mm

when shooting against the sun become a real threat lens flare, which can spoil the picture.

f16 1/25 iso200 20mm

Using a lens hood in such situations does not always help. It's best just to cover the lens from the direct rays of the hand or a piece of black cardboard.

Who has interesting photos taken backlit? Add to this topic!
originals in this topic can be found here:
http: // www. flickr. com / photos / astridwatson /

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NX 100, lens 20-50

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backlit silhouette remains the only subject - uninformative black outline that emphasizes only the shape of the object.

and I will add on, and suddenly it is useful, have already talked a lot about his work in photorecombination to combat various negative phenomena I applied and apply frame, and subsequent double time frame, or rather is a blend of two frames, http: // www. vikt. kuvat. fi / kuvat / SAMSUNG + NX + 10 / , not infrequently they are saving frame, reduce glare, and others. harmful manifestations backlight.
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Samsung NX11 and backlight