"Wide-angle" WC-DC58A for the Canon S5 IS

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29.08.2012 18:36:00
I have a digital camera Canon Power Short S5 IS. Not much of that, but not the last. Not "soap" in general. I decided to play around with a spherical panorama did. Almost got it. In addition the top and bottom. In general, turned out not spherical and cylindrical panoramas. Oh, and "dreary" that thing! ! ! I went about 50 and personnel, and to cover the top and bottom must be more than 60-minute training. So I decided to buy a wide angle converter (lens), but that does not know how many degrees it captures per frame. All that gives internet about this, I do not understand. Can someone thread Che thread knows about it? Share.

29.08.2012 18:42:00
And why spend money on a converter? Not cheap.
Someone prohibits pan up?

29.08.2012 18:52:00

was at the wide end of the EGF 36 mm and 27 mm will be. Corner diagonally to increase degrees 10.
Expensive, no benefits panoramas. Little sense to have only a single frame in a limited space behind.

30.08.2012 1:33:00
converters usually write the transformation ratio. According to it, and can calculate a finite focal length.

Only good converters x0, 22.. . x0, 33 do not produce and produce what does not hold water. I bought several different and immediately sold.

True, there are not really bad converters Wide Angle. For example Nikon launches x0, 68. But it is also 18 - 20 frames spherical panorama.

Here it is in the picture such a converter, adapter bolted to not mirror camera.

As you can see, even in x0, 68 lens sticks out like Fisheye-a. This, incidentally, is the first sign of the correct converter. In converters for 20-50 dollars, which swamped the entire Internet, flat front lens.

In any case, sooner or later, will have to buy a fisheye lens, so that you can remove the scope for a few frames. But less than $ 350 is difficult to buy something. Yes, more and SLR camera if necessary.
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"Wide-angle" WC-DC58A for the Canon S5 IS