Help with the choice of Sony A65 / 57 or Canon 650D.

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21.08.2012 7:00:00
Going to buy first SLR. Prior to that long used soap Canan A650, like all arranged until the child was born. Take a picture of the three-year-Electros baby just do not really need a good rate and bysro focus.
after reading reviews about SLR cameras and reading this forum decided to stay on the Sony A65 or 57. However, the familiar advises new Canon 650D. Requirements are:
1. Fast and accurate autofocus.
2. Good vnutrekamerny dzhipeg.
3 High-quality video is mandatory.
4. The high rate of fire.
5. Photograph'll mostly on cars.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

21.08.2012 7:11:00

need a good rate and bysro focus.

then Nikon. . .

2. Good vnutrekamerny dzhipeg.

this Fudge

3 High-quality video is mandatory.

then let Sony

5. Photograph'll mostly on cars.

then A650 will not be much worse. . .

21.08.2012 10:12:00

need a good rate and bysro focus.
then Nikon. . . He

12 frames can?

similar topic has already been. Help me choose
Cameras Sony Alpha SLT-A37 Kit 18-55, Nikon D3100 Kit 18-55 VR, Canon EOS 550D Kit 18-55.

21.08.2012 14:50:00
I would be very grateful to you all for reasoned responses.

21.08.2012 15:38:00

The trouble is that none of you will not make a choice. Reshayt yourself if something you are not satisfied in the future - will know exactly who is to blame .

shoot video

21.08.2012 15:52:00

have any such Nikon fast autofocus and a series? If implied D4, it is another story.
video, catching up with canon 650-th model Sony. But accurate focusing only with new lenses like. And while more expensive 650D.
makes sense promonitorit for available accessories before choosing a system.

21.08.2012 16:05:00

Take Sony, Pentax or Olympus; do not take the Canon and Nikon - to maintain healthy competition in the industry .

Or set your A650 in giperfokal and schёlkayte baby - will dramatically from 1 m to infinity.

21.08.2012 19:53:00
Difficult choice
Canon 600D (650D), or Sony A57, ask for advice
you botovodstvuete, trolls, or too lazy to first page headers so read it?
PS: Sony take - the most it!
1. Autofocus Sonia gets faster and faster from model to model. Such a good tradition was led even the legendary A100. By etmu question you can consult in detail participant
2. intrachamber dzhipeg Sonia - the best among its competitors. For example it was Sony I love ispolzovvat when bomblyu bystropechatyu at events.
3. Video - Sony horse. This is the top manufacturer of cameras. In general, the camera with a semitransparent mirror allow to bring in the video all the advantages of the phase autofocus.
4. Again, rate due half a mile. . . semitransparent mirror - the best among low-end models. In this case, no vibration which improves rezkozt images. In combination with Zeiss optics system displays razor sharp images.
5. Sony positioned as very good, but still an amateur system. Therefore, special attention is paid to this technique perfection automation. Even compact Sony is promoting the slogan "Photo of professional quality without any difficulty." What can we say about hybrid SLR.
A Canon - bullshit. Greedy for horror. even in the hood do not put the set.

21.08.2012 20:00:00

Sobriety norm http: // fotkidepo. ru /? id = photo: 800739

22.08.2012 11:23:00

Sobriety norm http: // fotkidepo. ru /? id = photo: 800739

Given the theme of the forum, The word "removed" in the caption of a photo gets some double meaning. . .
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Help with the choice of Sony A65 / 57 or Canon 650D.