Correction of color and background otskanennogo drawing

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17.04.2012 9:24:00
I had otskanit drawing tweak it a bit and print already updated. In the course of the work as it appeared two problems:
1. Scan the drawing itself turned out not quite black (gray - this is due to the scanner settings - or get a bad quality) and when printing converted it turns too gray, respectively (faded). Is it possible to make any color print clearly in black.

2. Background not turned white and gray - whether it is possible to somehow remove (do white background)?

17.04.2012 9:27:00
In Photoshop add a Levels Adjustment layer and moving sliders extreme (in terms of black and white) To ensure that we want , right ("white") slider brightens the background, left ("black") - Black ink.

17.04.2012 9:51:00
Drawings better to scan as text, not as a picture, that is. E. To increase the contrast.

17.04.2012 10:08:00

perhaps like this:

1. The image-correction-black-and-white or discolor (this is to rule out other shades)
2. The image correction, brightness, contrast and levels
there just to play with the settings, brightness and contrast, brightness and raise your light gray background will be white. . after the increase in the level of saturation in dark areas and your charcoal drawing will be black
there are options such as color
can replace and highlight eg all gray and fill it with white

17.04.2012 12:10:00

can do without Photoshop, if you use Microsoft Office Picture Manager, which included Windows.
Open Scan this program, and then - "Change Picture" - "Brightness, the contrast" - "More Search Options". Engines will help to achieve a result

18.04.2012 17:00:00
I somehow got quite simple acceptable result: Ctrl-M, select the eyedropper white and tychem a background pattern. . . Sometimes it is enough to play
sliders brightness-contrast,
sometimes - as wrote levels.
Ways weight depends on your pictures and familiar tools. . .
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Correction of color and background otskanennogo drawing