Reduce the crop factor on micro 4/3

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22.03.2012 14:47:00
Mount adapter with micro 4/3 system on the M42 is quite long (25mm or more)

first stupid question. Light of Lenses mirrored strikes the CCD. Accordingly, if closer to the lens of the beam matrix is ​​reduced and the crop factor must be reduced. I feel that you can not change the working distance must be trouble focusing. But what kind of, what else will affect reduction of the working segment and how? Next

small idea.
And if this adapter to put a converging lens or scheme?
1. luminosity fall - will survive
2. aberrations and distortion - depends on their strength, survive unless katostrovicheski
3. starts soap - will not survive, but within reasonable limits, to accept.

Optic early case had therefore now recovering in haste school course
But in order to understand what is needed to create a lens or schema knowledge base you need a horse. . . .
that the cost of collecting less quality schemes can easily exceed the scale of 200 evergreen not afraid. An interesting result. Seen reducers focus for telescopes as understood perform the same role. . . or I am wrong. Possible to insert there is.

22.03.2012 16:20:00

And if this adapter to put a converging lens or scheme?
not succeed, it put a diverging lens in front of the lens. Although, in principle, a positive and a rear unit will reduce the focus, but the result is tied to a particular lens is likely to be disastrous.

starts soap - will not survive, but within reasonable limits, to accept.
Within reasonable limits will be unreasonable price, albeit at an unreasonable price decent 0. 5-fold attachments in nature is not likely to exist.

22.03.2012 17:57:00
Finished with Runet crawled in zabugorny. The people there already and collect and ottestit. Even works. It is true when aperture lezuyu aberrations (considering that for her this pain in the ass and done). but an honest man used a single-lens design.
and complain that does not go poke the lens of this size is close enough to the matrix.
http: // www. personal-view. com / talks / discussion / 577 / us ... and-old-lenses / p1
(and even brag about all that we have fully kulibinyh...)

wait until come with an adapter Lenses and will try "hands"

PS on the departure of the bunch Lenses quite narrow, so most likely will need to use a smaller diameter lens, and closer to the matrix of another more. In general
by trial and error. . . . when something will reach publish a supplement.
first experience try the lenses removed with specially zakazanyh obektiva, and then I will pick up on the situation.
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Reduce the crop factor on micro 4/3