Leave - do not buy into this office, take care of your money!

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18.03.2012 21:21:00
[Maybe not quite on topic, but ask the moderators do not delete the theme that others do not suffer from this kidalovo! ]
In 2009, bought in leaving the camera and the lens (delivery in Novosibirsk), was pleased, and to his misfortune, he decided to turn again to him.
December 9, 2011 in the office (in other words it can not be called now) I had ordered the lens (which according to the manager, was available), billed to the organization. The lens has been ordered to shoot, which was planned on 24 December.
10 December bill was paid. However, it turned out that they have the lens is not available. Promised that he would come to "this week", then "Next". As a result, time was running out, I asked for a refund, and ordered the lens in the other organization. However
refund never came. By law they are required to return the money within three days. Contact Director of leave (Digital Ltd. league) Zvyagin Dmitry Alexandrovich could not - every time managers refused to join with him, gave only an e-mail. At the same letter, Mr. Zvyagin said politely that, well, suppliers, customs and other troubles, arrears recognize.
past three months. No money. Managers not in any combined with Zvyagin. On the request to find out from him what was going on with my order, the managers told that Dmitry Alexandrovich nothing can answer about this. Again offered to send him a letter with your order number and a request for the return of some other nonsense, as if he had never heard about my situation. Repeated requests by e-mail, Mr. Zvyagin did not react.
As a result, I wrote him that'll sue, and build "advertising" in the network, if the money does not come back in the next three days, and Dmitry Alexandrovich immediately replied that he had not been able to contact me (in three months!), For three days did not have time, and "In terms of the end of March to start delivering on the debt" (!), but about the shipment speech was not, I demanded a refund. But another said the new address for its remarkable organization. The feeling is that Mr. Zvyagin simply scoffs.
As a result, no hope for a peaceful solution to the problem with your order, go to court (long overdue), and warn you to communicate with this office. About
developments will write.

18.03.2012 23:10:00
Good Luck.

19.03.2012 1:25:00

not quite understand the pathos. Expense to the organization. So pure commerce. Eureka. Commerce each other ten times a day to throw. So what? Vaughn still remember how one director instead of a top-notch board sent two cars croaker. I had worked as a lawyer. So I write here, too, the sheet? Business then. . . . There you should be a lawyer is his bread. Yes, and have themselves to blame. And how not to leave you throw? Order to internet from Eureka certain girl yuristkoy at best. Neither KABP or anything else. A jurisdiction is what?
Og. . .

19.03.2012 1:31:00
At this office lacks such a negative - you are not the first one. . .

19.03.2012 1:47:00

At this office lacks such a negative - you're not the first one. . .
Only now that he has revealed new? Look - they have a third Snout long ago in stock! Well then head include nadyt or laziness and greed all overshadowed? My opinion - share.

19.03.2012 5:04:00
Bought the glass there too somewhere in 2009. It was available, but sent two weeks, although all ended well.

Basically IMHO Novosib now - not a village where all should use the purchase of equipment in the Russian online store with 100% prepayment.

19.03.2012 8:54:00
By the way ostava and fotoivideo are one and the same, if someone does not know yet.
Yes, the Internet service (BuyFoto. Net) remained at the Smolny 24.
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Leave - do not buy into this office, take care of your money!