Cleaning the sensor in the Canon EOS 60D

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18.03.2012 17:28:00
I have a SLR camera Canon EOS 60D, a feature of the image sensor - anti-static coating flyuorinovoe filter.
size image sensor (sensor): 22, 3 x 14 9 mm


1. ECLIPSE E2 is recommended for sensors coated with tin oxide ( http: // www. Photosol. Ru / eclipseE2. Htm) but as the liquid acts on flyuorinovoe coating dissolves in the sense or not?

2. Clean the sensor I need (?):
- Eclipse E2 or Eclipse;
- Swab Size # 2

Canon EOS 60D (as 600D, 7D) has anti-static coating flyuorinovoe filter sensor, I want to keep it.
who purifies sensor in these cameras respond!

Thanks in advance for your answers.

18.03.2012 19:32:00

The official website http: // www. photosol. com no such liquids. E2 is some bodyaga Moscow-Chinese bottling?

19.03.2012 3:50:00
Cinema c illustrate the process.

Although, I did I clean the old.
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Cleaning the sensor in the Canon EOS 60D