How to organize the process of photographing visitors 4D rides? ?

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21.06.2011 18:26:00
Good day to all!

I want the attraction to run a system that would take pictures of people in the session, and then, at the output of visitors could select a photo and then print it.

1. Purpose.
Appointment of photography - to capture the faces and postures ride attraction of people and their emotions.
After the session, visitors can choose from several (3-5) frames on the LCD screen of the laptop, and, if desired, to obtain printed copies of their size 10 * 15

2. Features.
picture is taken indoors with dimming. The size of the room 6 * 3, 6metra, ceiling height of 3 meters. Images are from the screen to the platform. The distance from the screen to the front edge of the platform 1, 7 meters. Height level Plotforma 1m. The platform moves dynamically + -15 degrees in the longitudinal and transverse direction. Photographing should be made to the quality, allows you to print photos 10 * 15cm with no visible defects, take the image quality = 5MPiks. Illumination can be carried out by regular means the camera (+ optional external flashes) and synchronized with the strobe. Strobe power 500W actuator is the effect of "lightning" and is used in all the commercials. Controls the supply 220Volt through attraction relay (relay controlled by software).

3. Equipment.
involves the use of a laptop with a screen diaganalyu 15 "(not purchased), camera (not purchased), sublimation printers Canon (purchased).

Well, actually matters))

1. Which model to choose the camera that they would be able to manage from your computer? In the simplest case via USB, but ideally the distance from the camera to the laptop order 6-7metrov.. Do professional solutions in this area?
2. Should I bother with synchronization with an external strobe? or put a couple of external flashes and use standard means to synchronize the camera? Strobe can be controlled via DMX...
3. Can anyone implemented similar and I find it easier to buy ready-made?)) Well, or someone will take to implement it for me?) - offers email!


21.06.2011 20:27:00
http: // www. picsolve. com , http: // www. 3dbsolution. com example. But there like high-speed camera video type - http: // ccdworld. com / Manuals% 20and% 20Brochures / dxc-9000. pdf . Therefore, the final print no more than 10x12 cm and masked all sorts of cliches-vignettes. Although it might appear and high-speed, vysokochustvitelnye HD video.

general on (thrill) ride photo solution naguglivaetsya a lot of information, such as http: // attractionsindustrymarketplace. com / results. ph ...; category_id = 3913 . About

individual outbreaks - hardly. Blaze in the hall on the number of spectators, and even several times. I would not go to a movie , so it should be combined with the standard strobe and put the inverse problem - start the camera in a flash strobe, with Canon CHDK firmware (there is a branch about what it is) is implemented easily. On autofocus forget - at giperfokal. Special camera control is not necessary, unless the motorized turntable that would shoot different parts of the room. Transfer to PC images for wi-fi SD card (Eye-Fi - here the same branch there) - cheap and works great.

21.06.2011 21:23:00
Yes, I studied the market - the same picsolve. com seen in action in the Park Aventura this year - but as you correctly point used high-speed video camera (resolution), and yet completely different scale - my room intervene 5-7 visitors at a time, and the average number of visitors during the session in the context of the month not more than 2, 7)) in picsolve. com is the price tag on the system starts with a couple of my price halls)))))

Regarding individual flares again - tonight did a test with Canon 7D c external flash and picked up lens (the camera's wife - the other was not at hand) takes good first row (3 people) - and visitors usually sit exactly on the first row. . Although, of course, the constant operation of the flash movie moments unnecessary annoying, I agree. . Probably really worth a sync strobe and camera. .

But on the other hand motorized table still not worth it to do - well 3 people placed in the picture - but it is a feature of my rooms))

Wifi SDCard - great invention)) actually output in my position, thanks! !
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How to organize the process of photographing visitors 4D rides? ?