Color spaces. Need help

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17.06.2011 3:27:00
Read and tried all that is. . .

situation (in chronological order):
camera D90 (col. Pr. SRGB, RAW, everything else by default) - ACR (profile sRGB, 8 bits) - PS (CS3) - "Convert to Profile" - sRGB - "Save As "- *. jpg.
Now the problem: on my monitor (Viewsonic (e-IPS), calibrated ColorMonkyPhoto) - normal, bright colors. overtake on beech (not calibrated) - colors appear dull (read more!!). On the other computer (not calibrated) - colors appear dull. ! ! ! Take any photo with neta - look at it on three computers - almost the same colors! ! ! Attention
question: "where camel"? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? What is the trick to save the photo PS?

the primary machine on the graphics card (chip ATI) "color managed applications." Disabling this joy - only aggravated the situation. Tried to carry extra. card management utility - it became better. Changing the scale on extra machines - the picture is changing for the better - but. . . Plug-in cards - the same song. Demolished ColorMonky profile and put in the factory Mon - did not help. . the difference is very large. . . A photo downloaded from the net are - almost indistinguishable. . .

HELP! ! ! !

17.06.2011 8:38:00
usually it happens when the camera AdobRGB exhibited. . . Here you and asks Shop - convert to profile (just do not understand - at the input or output therefrom). . . Put all sRGB and not torture. . .

17.06.2011 9:17:00
the chamber profile is only jpg acts downstream of ACR that? sRGB? In any output on a photo profile sRGB, simply monitors the different display it, taking into account their profile.

how viewers viewing?

17.06.2011 17:17:00

"Save As" - *. jpg.
And if not Save As, and the Save for Web and Devices?

17.06.2011 18:11:00

Until the forum will continue these periodic heart-rending cries of "Oh tell me what it is with my photos" without demonstrating these.

17.06.2011 19:17:00

Till. . . .
And just when you place it would be "any photo from internet",
and will look "on all three monitors almost equally"

A photo downloaded from the net are - almost indistinguishable. . .
Since such a thing, and not to try whether you view your images in a browser?

17.06.2011 19:27:00
Read here
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, # 4151
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Color spaces. Need help