Zenith CFR

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30.03.2010 0:17:00

Design - for not burdened with military intelligence.

30.03.2010 0:19:00

For the military should be monolithic and painted in khaki.

30.03.2010 0:27:00

30.03.2010 0:35:00
It looks like an evening of humor failed.
«Reliable, unpretentious" - about the zenith, haha. An official statement resource shutter several thousand frames.

30.03.2010 0:51:00

Oh, I remember.
This camera down - standard equipment of the young Jedi.

The message attached images are shown above.

30.03.2010 2:10:00
Whatever Russian did not, and still Machines

30.03.2010 8:51:00
So like
Well too early?

Okay, sostykuem facts:
new "Zenith CFR" - a device designed for special services
. . .
operates at a temperature of -10 to +40 º C
question arises - for special services which countries is it done? Panama and Paraguay?

However, this same severe Krasnogorskie engineers

30.03.2010 9:43:00
too early photogoliki started 1st April to celebrate. . .

30.03.2010 11:37:00

Happy jam!

30.03.2010 12:39:00
And here http: // www. zenitcamera. com / rec / news-2010-01-25-01. html the same, only the date of publication 25. 01. 2010, although they could change and

30.03.2010 16:26:00
I was more upset. . 5MP, 220 mm and f8. Crop the truth is not specified. Probably 2 to 4. E. From 440 to 880 mm. And its 12 megapixel Sonya I put SAL 500/8 and 750 mm and get more details. E. This is a bunch of bigger and lighter in weight.
SONY forevaa! ! ! !


and, well, we will celebrate dnyuhu? ? I've got something which fotoidei delusional. . . life-threatening. .

30.03.2010 16:42:00
Yeah, what about "reliable" - it is they happen to epic fail, it would be better not to remember this uboische, I Zenit E and its closure had worn out.

30.03.2010 16:52:00
It would be better with a sniper scope combined. Buyers exactly would find, because it is necessary to submit reports to the customer. . .

22.04.2010 8:09:00

22.04.2010 8:19:00

Nibali, the shutter think the Chinese have bought probably be more reliable!

While that other Zenith were like normal. But I mean they do not know anything, I FED 5B written off because obsolete, on your Fujifilm s9600 I for the month of summer to take more shots than FED for the time of his life

22.04.2010 9:32:00
By the way, yes, that there is "Made John Rousseau," except glass and stabilizer, not whether there notorious nanotechnology?

22.04.2010 18:03:00

No, nanotechnology elsewhere. In the "single-site" as it is sometimes called. . .
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Zenith CFR