Camera Repair - prompt coordinates

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15.11.2009 13:00:00
Tsifromylnitsa broke canon (the lens is not locked), a new yet no extra money.

Tell me if you know the phone repair in MSCs, but better - private master familiar - at these prices tend to 1, 5-2 times lower than in services.

With the search somehow failed to confer, I apologize in advance.

Thanks and really looking forward to - hard without fotika .

15.11.2009 14:08:00
And write a brand and the city the title was too lazy?

15.11.2009 14:42:00
Moscow, canon digital ixus 65.
There is a suspicion that just hit the sand.

30.11.2009 13:01:00
Is also necessary to repair a bar of soap Canon S40 for the child
cover broke, with a force closes, hanging

A copy said that apply to the authorized service does not make sense
replacement cover (with limber body) once the item 3000r

must find a private repair anywhere Top crust or on mitino
Put a baa-ear device, or replace the gears

Nobody knows these?
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Camera Repair - prompt coordinates