Battery Nikon D3000

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24.10.2009 23:24:00
Question to all owners of Nikon D3000 and D60 with whale Lenses with VR-as someone keeps the battery?
I have a new D3000 after the first charge lasted 1 day (50-60 images viewing, zooming the image, t. To. I've got a hot pixel red, eat up my mind and I'm on each photo takes his search).
second charge holds the third day (the screen brightness to a minimum, not more than a hundred shots, one third of them with flash, VR included) but it burns the last third segment of the battery.
The manual says that while working for a long time affect the included screen included VR, we hold the shutter button halfway (at this time stabilizer works).
All this is clear, but what is annoying all the same small time operation.
I would like to know if anyone else experienced this problem?

24.10.2009 23:51:00
In practice, more than 500 frames were almost without paging. Reporting racing in the cold, the camera used D60 c AF-S 55-200mm VR was almost always under his jacket, removed and immediately hid back.

At the expense of hot and broken - do not bother. You can quickly remove in Photoshop, there is a plugin.

25.10.2009 0:13:00
thanks for the answer.
Here and I too look forward to the same number of frames, but in reality it is not that.
here and would like to understand what the problem

25.10.2009 0:20:00

I have a new D3000 after the first charge lasted 1 day
new battery need to "shake" - discharge to dryness and the charge until it stops. After 3-5 such cycles will be up to 500-1000 staff - depends on the conditions in which the shooting, how many are using small screen, built-in flash. . .

25.10.2009 0:31:00

I heard that after the first charge the rechargeable battery design capacity is not immediately dials, but the 3, 4, yes I have.

[Nikon D50. Volume II. # 4123] Here [/ url] real current consumption in the thread about the D50. I do not think that the D3000 is very different, except for the VR. E. The instruction telling the truth

Less seek this pixel on a screen, more looking through the viewfinder. Things will get better

25.10.2009 0:41:00
Method "" rackachki battery "" like more related to nickel cadmium batteries, and here we have lithium.
I do not think this is the problem.

02.02.2013 1:45:00
I agree with litionnye now use batteries of this type here http: // fleshka. in. ua / product / battery-for-foto-Nikon-EN-EL14 / 1612 / , and they do not need to overclock. . .

02.02.2013 13:30:00

practice shows the opposite. All
to cycle to a maximum of 3-4 leaves

10.02.2013 18:14:00
Anything can happen. . . but still one of the most important. . . . is the quality of the battery. . . . . . .
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Battery Nikon D3000