Sony Cybershot HX-1

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22.10.2009 21:42:00
Prompt please, use non-original memory card to 16 GB, a message pops up constantly
-This "Memory Stick" may not record or play, but so far everything is working

23.10.2009 8:23:00
Read on Sony tech support -

http: // www. kb. sony. com / selfservice / microsites / search ... 1120 & amp; fes = true

Error: This Memory Stick may not be able to record or play.

This error may occur in any of the following circumstances:

* The Memory StickĀ® media is not inserted properly.
* The Memory Stick media is not supported for use with the camera.
* The Memory Stick media may be faulty.

Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue.

1. Remove the Memory Stick media from the camera.
2. Turn off the camera.
3. Reinsert the Memory Stick media into the camera.
4. Turn on the camcorder.
5. Attempt to play or record images on the inserted Memory Stick media.
6. Check the Memory Stick media compatibility chart to ensure the Memory Stick media is compatible with the camera.

That is most likely the camera does not consider your stick - correct (ie. E. Its data on the company manufacturers and so on. N. Is not included in the official list of Sony - compatible sticks.)

If it works - it's good, but the Sony him with the camera has not tested. . . .

25.10.2009 16:17:00
Thank you all tried, but the same story. Danae memory card (Memory Stick PRO Duo) is visually indistinguishable from the original

25.10.2009 17:44:00
I would not risk it. You may lose photos or in the worst case, the device.

25.10.2009 18:08:00
I use an adapter from SD to MS Pro Duo. Swears but it works.
If alternatives in the adapter was not I would take HX1 did not. Greed Sony strikes.

25.10.2009 20:55:00
Video mode may not be enough speed record. As video is recorded at maximum resolution - without jerks?

26.10.2009 15:26:00
For HX1 think enough, he stream video 12-15Mbit / s. I SDHC 4gb Class 4 (write speed of 4MB / s) + adapter for MSDuo Pro. In the future, I will take SDHC6 (6 MB / s), people say that using the same adapter works with their PSP to cheer.
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Sony Cybershot HX-1