FUJI Z33WP - cheap underwater camera with a nice design

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21.08.2009 10:51:00
Yesterday I saw in the store this unit
http: // www. fujifilm. com / products / digital_cameras / z / finepix_z33wp /

immediately liked the design and compactness, a very nice little apparatik, daee do not know what words to choose more
More price! 6000 with fines. . .

As a result, I had proschёlkal as he could. The results of course is not so hot. . (Bole compared to my Olika SP-320)
BUT! for such is the price IMHO a very decent

Now more:
- noisy, even at ISO64 looked through noise (though I can just pick on, in such devices is worse)
- Chromatic aberrations too large (it is not even hiding in the sample on official Fuji)
- Like many Fuji peresvechivaet exposure
- it seemed that the flash is rather weak, and peresvechivaet at short distances (maybe I'm spoiled by a competent work pyhi his Olika), although iksusov similar situation - the norm

This is about minuses of pros will not - the unit and the unit. Like other or better nor worse.
convenient menu buttons to get used to the speed of the average. . . But

design, underwater and price. . . For
tezhe characteristics competitors are asked minumum 2 times more!

Result: The machine very much, despite the shortcomings. Long wanted submersible.
Frankly, long positive attitude to Fuji. Friends are very happy with the recommended my F30 and F40.
himself like F30, but there was no money, now I want to F200 , still want to SLR, but it's only Long-Term Plans

addition, the Z33 - a good option for the child. In all respects. . Even as the TV. . And more. . . It. . . Red!

would like to discuss, who can already use it, how does it feel?

21.08.2009 15:44:00
not just a toy. its not worth the money! ! !

24.08.2009 13:55:00
Maybe a toy, but the mud nihuzhe such toys from Olympus say. . .
Who can say it for "penetrability"?

24.08.2009 23:06:00

you want them to shoot underwater? Is likely to be strongly pazocharovany

25.08.2009 8:33:00

Yes even underwater, but rather during the splashing water. For the water park and the beach in other words. Children splashing shoot. Well, in the future (when the heir to grow up a little bit more) as a camera for the child.

25.08.2009 9:59:00
In general, those who are engaged in underwater hunting, all the money goes on getting better and better uniforms, for example, costume, accessories to it, and so on. D. Perhaps they a subject just for a start. Will not work to remove the fish? Then what is the approach? It is assumed that the water is clear.

25.08.2009 23:52:00

http: // vgrin-photo. front. ru / under_water / scarlino / shot canon s70, chop was 1-2 points, you can remove the static, dynamic - the last 4 frames, does not go out. AF has no time to go fish out of the frame, because of turbulence in the last cedar in small moray severed head. Flip, there is a full-size image.
p. s. long shot, scared all the fish. . .

22.01.2010 15:50:00
Bought offspring instead recessed camera.
Removes bad for CM. By managing to get used quickly.
pictures will be.

That's just the problem.

Utopia lost CD with software and Russian manuals. T. k. On paper guide is not present, it is very sorry for.

owners, if any, respond!

30.01.2010 18:09:00

T. k. On paper guide is not present, it is very sorry for.

There are instructions on English. . .

PS on UK site there is an option in the yellow box - color "liquid gold". me he once more to your taste, and in Russia is not for sale

pictures will be.
I'd love to see!

03.02.2010 12:00:00
already out upgrade "submariner" from Fuji - Fujifilm FinePix XP10
In Western markets will go on sale later this month.

http: // www. dpreview. com / news / 1002 / 10020203fujifinepixp10. asp

20.07.2010 8:50:00
Fujifilm FinePix XP10
we are already on sale for 5 pieces.
on YouTube already full of compressed video using them egoynoy utility.
but the sample did not find
think to buy - the owner of two drowned
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FUJI Z33WP - cheap underwater camera with a nice design