Digital Camera PENTAX M60

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20.07.2009 16:02:00
Greetings to all.
bought a week ago, digital cameras PENTAX M60. For the class is quite normal apparatik.
But at the weekend said that when in operation in the area of ​​the lens AutoPicture some strange a Clicking.
optical stabilizer like no. Now speculated, this is normal or not his behavior.
ringing in their home service center, said that should not like to click.
In the model of the same class PENTAX E60 clicks not.

Prompt for M60 - clicks in the Auto Picture mode, the norm or not?

And then I searched through the entire Internet did not find anything.

Thanks in advance.

20.07.2009 16:32:00
Because automatic AutoPicture camera does everything himself, except for the layout of the plot, it is likely there is a continuous focus, in order to determine what the plot is planned to remove - portrait, landscape, and so on. N. That's autofocus and smacked his Try pointing the lens at close objects and then - to the far and hear a click.
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Digital Camera PENTAX M60