The smoke after the outbreak

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29.06.2009 5:23:00

I have a camera, Canon IXUS i zoom (that's a http: // www. Canon. Ru / products / about. Asp? Id = 1480 , http: // www. Fototest. Ru / camera / p2031_articleid / 3400 )

Recently noticed that after shooting with the flash of the slots in the housing near the lamp, goes a little smoke. Very small: the first few times I saw, I even thought that it seemed to me.

Could this be a sign of something serious, or is it "normal" feature?

29.06.2009 7:24:00
Or flash curled, or when the discharge is slight concussion, which kicks dust from the hulls. Or maybe the capacitor flash gathered dust and wet it is burnt.

29.06.2009 7:25:00

Or maybe the capacitor flash gathered dust and wet it undercooked

So it is likely.

29.06.2009 9:01:00
with "Who is to blame" like understood. The next question is, "What should I do?"

And that means "a flash bent"?

It was such an assumption:
cracked body flash, resulting in tightness narushina and smoke it - from the burning dust that seeps through a crack in the flash itself.

lamp from such particles may burn out prematurely.

requires adjusting.

How's that assumption?

ps camera drop, year and a half ago, on the tarmac, with a height of a little more than a meter. No features, after the fall, was observed.

29.06.2009 9:07:00
And the smell is?

29.06.2009 9:23:00
Smoke - drop barely noticeable. Well, something smells of metal, maybe it's because the camera itself. . . .

29.06.2009 12:27:00
No smoke without fire

16.04.2010 18:02:00
I have the flash fires, the smoke goes with a characteristic odor (canon ixus 870). In the service center said it dirt burns. But if it's dirt, how much more will it fade? ! as already half a year just goes through the smoke. In the service center to repair refused, but who should be responsible for the fact that during the flash gets dirt under normal operating conditions! ? Is it not a marriage manufacturer - that flash is not germitichna! ?

16.04.2010 23:31:00
Similar to insulation breakdown. If not avoided, will soon skiff.

16.04.2010 23:42:00
The instructions written in Flash that after buying the first time can be a little smoke.
• In normal use, the flash can be a little smoke.
This is due to the fact that due to the high intensity of the flash burning dust and other foreign materials
trapped on the front of the unit. To avoid overheating and damage to the flash
remove any dirt, dust and other foreign matter from a cotton swab.

20.04.2010 13:49:00

The instructions written in Flash that after buying the first time can be a little smoke.

my camera for over a year. . . in the first half of the year there were no smoke! ))) Is very strange, for example, can be several times "click" - the smoke, it will be, it will not, once again go on the tenth, and even stronger than the first))) because the dirt is burned, then from where it again took the tenth time! ? per minute of time to a new dirt soiled? ! ))) My heart feels that this marriage, but not be able to prove.

22.04.2010 0:23:00
Glass flash sometimes are recommended for clean . Dirty glass outbreak leads to overheating and burning pollution, glass darkens. Flash light energy is converted into heat. More darker - more heated - more burnt

22.04.2010 1:24:00

It is on the old Canone (from primary) A-series. Soon died - puffed a little harder and then do not include more. If
warranty - carry in SC, let mend. For the disorder.
no guarantee - leisurely look for a new one. IMHO.
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The smoke after the outbreak