Warranty repairs Canon 50/1. 4

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06.02.2009 12:55:00
Lightly tapped the lens EF 50/1. 4 on the front lens (filter). Lens unit failed inside a few millimeters, the focus has stopped working.
Firm SC on photographic technique Canan - Nat firm - said that from six months repairing lenses are not engaged, just carcasses. And the lenses to wear to sell them in the organization. Service photorecombination not take it in for repair, as non-warranty, with a diagnosis of "bent guide autofocus." Partially patient still treat, now block the lens closer to the original position, a little work autofocus and manual focus in the range close to infinity, and the scenery still shoot them can
In this regard, the interests of several moments:
1. How difficult is technically a repair, and how much it could lead? (In photorecombination said that the repair poltinika Sigma they did for 4500 + shipping costs)
2. Addresses party workshops on optics canon in Novosibirsk, did anyone in such?
3. How true is the statement that after the repair work quality much worse?

06.02.2009 13:19:00
Began to write "Take on Mosfilm", so to see what you need in Novosibirsk. In short, Bring in any good service, explain the problem, be guided by them. I somehow refused to change the aperture, ie. A. Such is no longer available, so the glass and lies.

06.02.2009 14:08:00

Try to ask a question on copiamos me by Canon-in there quite sensibly explained everything.

06.02.2009 14:18:00
thanks for the advice, I will try!

06.02.2009 14:35:00
The same problem with 50/1. 4. without external signs, does not focus closer than 3 meters in automatic or manual mode.
suspect that the repair will be comparable to the cost of new Lenses, and to the nearest service center path is not close.
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Warranty repairs Canon 50/1. 4