HAPPY 2009, however,

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31.12.2008 0:04:00
So, coming to an end next year. In the new year
hochesya wish all forum inspiration, tidal forces, new insights, new perspectives and angles to what is happening around.
fotikom not determine the success of a single photographer.
And your families I wish patience and indulgence for your weaknesses, sometimes cutting through holes in the family budget.
And of course all health and minimum losses in the crisis.

31.12.2008 0:07:00

31.12.2008 0:19:00

31.12.2008 0:22:00
Happy with your friends! ! !

31.12.2008 0:51:00
Happy New Year!

31.12.2008 1:01:00
All health! The rest - buy!

31.12.2008 1:13:00
Happy New 2009th Year! I do not know Will tomorrow to get online through Beeline GPRS So congratulations in advance everyone! ! !
http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 283825

31.12.2008 1:14:00
Happy New Year! And that hands are not shaking!

31.12.2008 1:40:00
C coming, success and all. . . and more. . .

31.12.2008 2:05:00
Happy New Year!

31.12.2008 2:07:00
And you, my friends! ! ! That all the pictures taken today and tomorrow you smile did not disappear throughout the year. . . And vyoobsche that one will not be lost, the whole year. . . After all, people are very difficult to naytis s coming! ! !

31.12.2008 6:53:00
Happy New Year

31.12.2008 9:33:00
Successful shots in the New Year!
and understanding!

All a Happy!

31.12.2008 10:09:00
Congratulations to all members of the forum with the New Year 2009!
I wish all the best, and above all health! ! ! ! !

31.12.2008 10:12:00
Yes zdravstvuem us!

31.12.2008 10:17:00
I wish everyone a second Piglet! :)

31.12.2008 10:20:00
All odnoforumchan to come! Total
you. First of all, health for quite a horseradish health even 2nd patch of joy has not to make.
So in the words of one character: "Shop whith already beat zdorou"
Good luck. Creative. Family. Well, the material does not interfere.
See you next!

31.12.2008 10:33:00
Please accept my congratulations!
As well as the wishes of good health, love and happiness!
And as a nice financial situation that would be able to realize all their wishes for life, including creative!

31.12.2008 11:03:00
Happy New Year everyone! ! ! health and all the best. And also in the year of the ox, all green and heifers more! !
all thanks!
(evil does not hold if anyone offended.. )

31.12.2008 11:50:00
Happiness for personal and non-cash!
on coming! !

31.12.2008 11:59:00
Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

31.12.2008 12:28:00

31.12.2008 12:35:00

31.12.2008 12:48:00
Almost forgot:
bright idea and no less bright glass

31.12.2008 13:15:00
And plenty of light around! ! ! (Especially in the plane of the subject)

31.12.2008 13:19:00
prisodinyayus! happy New Year!

31.12.2008 13:21:00
Join all from me and everyone ! ! !

31.12.2008 13:34:00

31.12.2008 13:43:00
Happy New Year! All happiness, health and prosperity!

31.12.2008 14:36:00
Happy New Year! ! !

31.12.2008 14:48:00

I wish you all a second Piglet!
If I D3, then I have to shoot at kagbe wretched libitelskuyu camera?

Happy New Year!

31.12.2008 15:03:00
C New Year congratulations,
new windows you want.
Canon to Nikon "om together
invited to the table.
else we have not forgotten
Pentax with Sony invited
and Olympus and Samsung
Well, bolder, wider circle.
Panasonic, Fujifilm,
even Sigm" have been invited.
If suddenly someone forgot
all come to the feast!
Let a little awkward,
But we all nice!

Happy, amateurs and professionals! ! !

31.12.2008 15:06:00

five points! ! !

A look cool crowd of smiling faces with glasses of beer!

31.12.2008 15:07:00

Beautiful fireworks today and insights whole year to all!

31.12.2008 15:15:00

If I D3, then I have to shoot at kagbe wretched libitelskuyu camera?

No, no, do not torture yourself, give me a second Piglet. We both would be nice. New Year after all! ! !

work this year end. Hooray!

31.12.2008 15:40:00
Happy New Year!
more good shots and development of the "Shidevr"!

31.12.2008 16:35:00
Happy New Year!

31.12.2008 16:36:00
Lord, all that 20 th Chamber, Happy New Year! I wish you the best shot, creative satisfaction, and good equipment!

31.12.2008 19:05:00


I wish you all a second Piglet!
If I D3, then I have to shoot at kagbe wretched libitelskuyu camera?

kagbe This means that it is necessary to sell the wretched amateur D3 and buy Hassel, or Phase

31.12.2008 19:07:00
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! God be with us Aperture!

31.12.2008 19:14:00

bright idea and no less bright glass
join! ! !

31.12.2008 19:54:00
Successful shots everyone!

31.12.2008 20:13:00

31.12.2008 20:54:00
Well, I'm all too Happy New Year! ! ! ! !
http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 286750 .

31.12.2008 21:27:00
my daughter built)) A 4 year found under it by DM (c) of the second camera down)))
All the holiday.

31.12.2008 22:18:00
Everything under puffing!

31.12.2008 22:23:00

glory! I like things in the yard grow tomorrow Arrange try to dress up!

31.12.2008 22:25:00
:. . . . God be with us Aperture!
I zaaapomnyuyu. .

31.12.2008 22:44:00
Let there be light! And the light-receiver!
and the light-sensitivity
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HAPPY 2009, however,