Canon Powershot A590 IS or. . . ?

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18.09.2008 17:05:00
I want to buy a CD, but it does not define what to take. While leaning toward Canon Powershot A590 IS , but do not like the quality of the pictures, I would like something better. ,)
Red Price: 5500 p.
Actually, I will take myself. For everyday use.
Today we must choose to go tomorrow to take.

18.09.2008 22:01:00

While leaning toward the Canon Powershot A590 IS, but do not like the quality

And nothing like the quality? During 5500 - at the time, it is better not to find.

Today we must decide tomorrow I'll go take
"Uh-uh, no need to hurry," as a famous hero.

19.09.2008 14:56:00
The picture quality on all photos with matrices 2.1. 5 - 1/1. 6 with a large number of megapixels in the series "would like better"
And Optics is quite normal for the price everything else in my opinion, too, stabilizer from Canon really works very well.
single video obscenities at 590, at 570 (they are sold like) everything was fine, we A1000 again all normal.

19.09.2008 17:38:00

single video at 590 obscenities
course to 20. This is not 30, but the memory savings of 1, 5 times! And look - tolerated.

19.09.2008 19:25:00
Two months ago, too, I decided to buy himself still camera, and also primarily looked at 590is And in the end? Canon 400d And do not regret

19.09.2008 21:30:00

looked at 590is And in the end? Canon 400d

good joke, and most importantly - a theme!

20.09.2008 21:45:00

course to 20. This is not 30, but the memory savings of 1, 5 times! And look - tolerant
About 20 I will not lie, really did not look - it's terrible 10, 15 is not very.
And about memory's not so scary, 8 gig for 700 district just over an hour breaks, then all quickly and easily distilled in mp4 through MP4Cam2AV, at a flow of 400 kilobits is all very good in my opinion looks.
And tomuzhe processor 590 at the same, and I think this will solve the problem with the help of everyone's favorite chdk, if not resolved, the video then it probably artificially podzazhali to 720 did not compete on the A1000 woke up and returned to their seats. I'm talking about 570 on the basis of this and remember the price he has to be below than 590, and the full video without chdk, one "but" - modelka discontinued and only stayed at expensive stores, or those items that for various reasons did not buy. And it seemed to me, to my surprise that the matrix 8 MP Canon's better than 1 7. Mr. Wherefore by noise, but this is my IMHO.
By and large, the camera is purchased for photos, and with this, 590 should be all right - I proceed from the assumption that the same matrix such as that Ixus 80 and optics like the A570 which dealt, well, as a stabilizer in the two last
580 would not advise, it is the same as the 590 but without a stabilizer, which I think really helps. He was surprised that at the wide-angle (38 mm Ixus 80) virtually no blurring at shutter speeds 1 / 10-1 / 30 in contrast to the A95 which has no stabilizer. With increasing focus all the more pleasant.
course when shooting a moving object on 1/10 is slightly helps.
A1000 is not yet in the market.

400D / 450D is also a good machine itself to such eyeing, image quality compared to the soap box and you have a good optics does not cause problems, only 30 thousand more expensive (more or less optics) and at least a kilogram heavier

20.09.2008 23:01:00

Well said. . .
I also thought, what would change his antediluvian A-80. . .
looked at hhhD line, but in the end 40D. Although it would be possible to wait and 50ku or 5tak go immediately.
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Canon Powershot A590 IS or. . . ?