What kind of lotion to choose for Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ8?

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02.09.2008 15:56:00

Advise please, that you can buy as a gift to a friend on d. P. camera down to the Panasonic FZ 8?

I do not rummage in these devaysakh heard that there are some lenses and so on. N.

If possible prices.

Waiting for your advice!

02.09.2008 18:25:00

can buy a wide converter, though if one does not print photos larger than 15h20sm, and that will be very noticeable drop in the quality of the photo.

02.09.2008 18:33:00

And what is this thing - what is it, at least in general terms?

02.09.2008 18:33:00
You can buy other bulk memory card to the camera, or a cool bag. But here we must proceed from the fact that he has, and certainly not when buying lohanutsya - card or bag to accurately approached the chamber

02.09.2008 18:43:00

Thanks, but map and he has a bag like. . .

02.09.2008 19:04:00
camera Panasonic FZ 8 is too narrow scope on the short end of the lens, ie. E. A little part of the frame, and a wide-angle converter allows you to expand the coverage angle. Vypukaet these things by different firms can approach Olympus, Reynoks, Sigma can be, well, corporate should be.

03.09.2008 12:37:00

A wide-angle lens and a wide-angle converter - the same thing?

It costs $ 200 - too much I would like to meet $ 100. . .


Prompt, lens for close-up shots - is the right thing?

03.09.2008 13:05:00
I can offer makrolinzu, here is an excerpt of my ad if interested:

DHG Macro Achromat 330 (+3) makrolinzu with 62mm adapter ring 62mm- & gt; 55mm from Jolos for mounting on camera FZ30 / FZ50, FZ18 / FZ28 (adapter DMW-LA3, Raynox RT5855W), or LX3 adapter . . . Allows top cheat UV, ND, PL et al. Filters. . .
Also suitable for ANY CM / KM with a corresponding thread on the lens for mounting lenses or filters. . . There are adapter rings of different diameters. . . My
examples makrolinzy:

http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 233968

http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 233915

http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 235187

http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 230805
Status - NEW! It comes complete with a carrying case brand. . .

http: // foto. ixbt. com /? id = photo: 230907
Made in Japan
http: // www. marumi-filter. ru / offer / show / id / 182
At the moment, they are not available on the site Marum. . .
price together with the ring 1400 rubles. . .
If you wish to FZ7 / FZ8 selling a 62mm adapter ring - & gt; 52mm for installation on DMW-LA2 adapter bundled with the camera. . .

03.09.2008 18:23:00

And you looked where the man says? Before Argentny may not have time for the birthday. Raza that shipping stolkozhe how much to pay your makrolinza

It costs $ 200 - too much I would like to meet $ 100. . . Well
can poproboat polyarik adapter.

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What kind of lotion to choose for Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ8?