Selecting a macro lens for Canon 40D

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02.09.2008 9:34:00
Ripe macro, but I was surprised a small number of native macro lenses from Canon - I believe that this is the case, when there is a search among products of other manufacturers.

Those who have experience of using that advise of macro lenses made by other manufacturers (in the range between DF and 200mm and 100mm aperture 2. 8)? And you need a lens that would have sat on the current crop (for Canon 40D) and could be moved to full-frame carcass in the future. Do I understand correctly that for about macro zoom lenses is better to forget and focus only on the fixes?

02.09.2008 9:43:00
What's going to shoot? For insects
better longer, for non-life 90-100 millimeters normal. Look
native 100/2. 8 or Sigma 105/2. 8, 150/2. 8.
good Tamron Optical 90/2. 8 (they still can shoot portraits good), but his exceedingly slow AF.

02.09.2008 10:16:00

decided long ago to his soroketu will take Sigma 150 \\ 2. 8

25.11.2008 13:32:00
The best at a reasonable price is a Sigma 150 2. 8. No options.

25.11.2008 14:08:00

Sigma 150 2 8

25.11.2008 16:23:00
I've missed the us at a good price, I sit waiting for the party. . .
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Selecting a macro lens for Canon 40D