Speedlite ex430 and ex580?

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28.08.2008 3:34:00
I want to go to a second camera to film festivals, to fill his hand want to earn extra money,
and there and a decent technique to accumulate. currently I have 450 SLR from Canon.
flash now remains to equip it. The question is: for Finance 430 can take on even today think, 580, respectively, twice the price specified above. Do you have someone experienced with the 430th and SLR of the sample? whether they are compatible and will compensate for the white balance itself in a flash with 450 carcass?

28.08.2008 6:53:00
Experience is. (430 + 400D)
will compensate. if hands are not curves. I advise you to beat back a little from the ceiling or vertically - the most pleasant light. If the ceiling can not see - from bamazhki on antiquated

you do not specify the working of glass, but blaze makes decent pictures even whale.
Tried and 580. In a domestic environment saw no difference at all. 580ya - better just as a more promising option. Maybe when using several leading pyhami, powerful beats in a dark forest and general in nature at night, there is the stroboscopic effect. The truth is I like it in theory needed only once in life, at work, can not imagine why it is needed in the home. . . in general, I repeat - in most cases, domestic 430 enough for the eyes, though smaller and not destabilize the balance of the masses with a small carcass 450 as a healthy 580. Since the last to keep the carcass becomes even less comfortable. .

Conclusion: I, being in a similar situation, would not pay what until now has never regretted.

28.08.2008 9:13:00
if the ceiling to 430 minutes, it is better to "paper" hook, or in certain lighting conditions may be too deep shadows under the eyes. . .

28.08.2008 10:10:00
580 - good in the series. I bought a buddy shoot reportazhki. I took a drive on a day - yes, hell blaze. And all the time in a series of 6 to 40D.
But to be honest the house or even in the room, not in a hurry, or the Portet night with a long exposure and lighting background - there is no difference.
And it is much harder than my 430.

28.08.2008 10:33:00

Flash does not compensate for the BB, and transmits information to the camera, and the camera sets the BB for shooting with flash.
This is a minus. If the flash is not the main source of light, and the room is large and well lit incandescent bulbs, the entire background will be "warm." The converter is not correct. Either fight in the editor, or to pick up a filter on the flash.
When shooting from the ceiling it is necessary to closely monitor the color of the surrounding objects. Himself ceiling should be white and some should not be plain surfaces (green wallpaper, red curtains and so on. N.). they can just "toned" object that then do not be delighted. A small screen on the camera will not see it. In such conditions it is better to use a "paper" or any reflector. Here 430th power may not be enough, or it will be a long time to charge after a full blaze. So, I advise you to string up 580II.

28.08.2008 12:51:00

This is a minus. If the flash is not the main source of light, and the room is large and well lit incandescent bulbs, the entire background will be "warm."

It happens and no flash. I shot a tournament dance (and participated), so it was very interesting: through the large panoramic windows was a day of evening sunset light, but in the depth of the hall already taken their lamps from the ceiling (type galogenki, energy saving).
So people get as terminators - actually, half of the face, or yellow, or blue.
not deal in any way - I had to go to h \\ b, along with less noise (400d, 3000-4000 ISO).
A flash would be tri-colored, likely. )

28.08.2008 13:01:00

400d, ISO 3000-4000

Look how it is! And I can do on the ISO 3000-4000 400d?

28.08.2008 15:01:00
: Look how it is! And I can do on the ISO 3000-4000 400d?
Elementary! Shoot for 1600 is too bright in a couple of stops and pull in the desired PAB converter. After a slew of noise and other "antics and jumping" get a decent B / W image in the format 10/15

29.08.2008 13:21:00
in general In summary: Take 430, enjoy your kit a year or two, filling the hand, the eye and the brain, and then in good conscience sell the whole kit, going to FF.
As an option - you can leave all of the initial set in the Kutch-ve the second - it is also sometimes very good. It is useful, especially for the hell of perverts - lovers fixes and reports. . .

29.08.2008 18:07:00

particularly hellish perverts - lovers fixes and reports. . .
You seem to enjoy Brigde

29.08.2008 18:11:00
Thank you very much
and all other participants
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Speedlite ex430 and ex580?