Tokina ATX 16-50 / 2. 8: Backlash front lens

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31.07.2008 1:25:00

Acquired through iBey in like new condition. There was a little startled pretty big backlash front of the lens (about 1 mm) to 16 mm zoom position (when zooming up to 50mm gap disappears). Test images revealed no conspicuous problems in the field or sharpness of focus.

question - send in for warranty repair or is in the normal range for this lens? I read somewhere that, they say, even "native" lenses backlash, but that is so. . . a first experience with the optics. . .

Thank you for your attention.

31.07.2008 1:43:00
I have not the slightest experience with this lens, but it is interesting to hear from other fellow soldiers. . .

31.07.2008 9:55:00

keyword "almost" as good as new, ie b \\ y. Return will not, t. To. Is no guarantee the seller and certainly warned that the lot is described "as is" and then have your own risk.
If possible, return to the seller. . .
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Tokina ATX 16-50 / 2. 8: Backlash front lens