No one is aware of what happened to the http: // minolta-club. ru?

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13.11.2006 13:28:00
The day before yesterday worked. . . . and now says that there is no adress. . Can
where he moved? ? ? No one know?

13.11.2006 13:30:00
Temporarily moved here.

13.11.2006 13:36:00

everything will be okay. You need to wait a bit.

13.11.2006 13:37:00

well, wait - that's not a problem
that I was afraid that it completely covered

13.11.2006 13:38:00

hitch organizational turned out. Apologize.

13.11.2006 14:09:00
temporarily moved here.

by the way, is quite real offer
if there are questions and answers in writing minoltovskie branches here
but if that is really interesting, then we will move to his
immediately after resuscitation

according to unconfirmed reports the cause of the fall Club -
sabotage saboteur played the famous cat dzhuniorovsky
at the time of call for KM Junior Club Cat, by analogy with "pyatorochgoy" pissing modem,
which resulted in such a dramatic effect
here again - anecdotal information

13.11.2006 15:19:00
I wrote that the domain is, but there is no permishena. The script is a little removed, apparently.

13.11.2006 20:44:00
Forum works!

30.11.2006 19:10:00

They found another bug - old Russian profiles are not furychat.
If you can not go to the forum, you must clear the cookies.

08.12.2012 7:41:00
Something no forum or the website can not get - covered club or moved somewhere? It seems almost a month has passed since the first post, but the problem persists.

08.12.2012 11:04:00

seems almost a month has passed since the first post

fact, six years.

08.12.2012 11:07:00

Sorry, for the year then not looked But the essence does not change - the biggest forum where it disappeared

14.12.2012 3:59:00
to Delhi Forum?

14.12.2012 13:15:00
After 16 wait for recovery work.

http: // www. sonynex. ru / index. php? showtopic = 7068 & amp; page = 2 # entry161725

latest news from VKontakte. 16 is unlikely to have time to recover. Rollback may be a week or even more

14.12.2012 13:17:00
[. . . ]

14.12.2012 21:02:00
The site is directly written forum, where he disappeared.

15.12.2012 8:31:00
They "just write" on the fourth day, probably, and prior to that was simply not available. In general, the issue is closed - dead server, save up for a new one.

15.12.2012 10:31:00

save up for a new
Is Aunt Sonya sorry Quick poor guy throw a small coin to a new a server. They I suppose middle manager at the buffet for breakfast eats more. . . .
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No one is aware of what happened to the http: // minolta-club. ru?