Guys tell me plz. what to choose in the area of ​​$ 200 (see. in)?

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11.05.2002 17:24:00
Money butt
Mustek MDC 3000 - 180 $
http: // www. nix. ru / autocatalog / digcam / MustekMDC3000_10642. html
(Judging by the description bow to him)
yuzal Who? ? ? ? What is the camera down? ? ?
Olympus c-1 ~ 200 $

KYOCERA EZ DIGITAL 1. 3 million. 2 digits - 139 $
What is this animal? ? ?

Maybe even that. . . forgot. . . .

11.05.2002 18:50:00
Moe chisto sub "ektivnoe mnenie (ya tozhe vubirayu seichas foto dlya sebya)

Posmotri na site musteka. http: // www. Mustek-europe. Com
Etot foto - ikh nailuchshee tvorenie (do etogo oni delali 300pix fotoapparatu kotorue i fotoapparatami to nazvat "mozhno s trudom - prosto kakieto" shpionskie shtuchki ").
Tak chto oputa u nikh praktichesko net. Draivera tol "ko pod odnu sistemu win98-winXP.
Ya dumayu glyukov ne obereshsya, da i kachastvo vvidu malogo otuta budet sil" no proigruvat "tomuzhe Oly1.

Sebe ya ego brat" ne budu pri lyubom rasklade.

Eto moe sub "ektivnoe mnenie.

Sorri za translit, cifirica. Ru v downe.

11.05.2002 19:37:00
***** Verigo2002
The forum is a transliteration tags, look for help!

11.05.2002 20:12:00

Absolutely the same problem, only to have me now the choice of 3000 or the first MASTEK Olympus C-100. . .

dear, and you did wrong - at MASTEK were still 800-I and 1500-I model. And with quite decent quality and resolution (1024 and 1280 respectively). First received 100 out of 100 a year ago itc. ua, and the other looked good in the review 3dnews. ru

11.05.2002 22:50:00
autotranslation with transliteration:

looked at their dance page.
the 1500 model 800 has no
. but she 0. 8Mpih
Ostalnue EKX models - such that you can shove in your mouth easily )
Obsuzhdaemaya model here - the crown of the HCl creation.
Accordingly, the findings and oputa in Nikhil no such models do

You need 2Mpih model with guts, and optikoi funktsionalnostyu 0. 3Mpih model?
Na utriruyu course, but UTB like this. By sravleniyu khotyabu with Olympusom.

Povtoryayu, UTB my purely subjective opinion. Just
Na himself podbirayu photos - until OlyC1 (z) and HP315, 318 ostanovilsya. . .
but dumayu Yeshe. . .

Da. . . . kak-to krivo perevodit mestnui translit-terekodirovshik. U nego sintaksia sil "no ot CIFIRICA. RU otlichaetsya.

12.05.2002 16:51:00

I for myself have already decided everything - take b / y "shny Olympus C-100 for $ 150. In principle, it is quite real price for the supported unit in Minsk, and therefore, I think it will not be difficult to find a similar devaysinu for the money and in Kiev. If you find - the best I think is not necessary.

13.05.2002 9:48:00
Thanks for the answers. . . .
If that'll tell you. . .
Here there is an opportunity to take a very interesting
device. .
http: // www. worldisdigital. com / versions / ru_version / su ... ecifications. html
(That's what PhC 6000 series)
Well, as long as it does not work out. . . then perhaps Olympus.

13.05.2002 11:04:00
About Mustek:

You need 2Mpih model with guts, and optikoi funktsionalnostyu 0. 3Mpih model?
you are very much mistaken. As the functionality of this thing is quite on the level, the only thing that would like to preserve, in the tiff.
quality of images by the reviews that I had videt- "very good", and equipment, so just a song.
I definitely crush on this camera, buy as soon as possible. What a thrill to take yuzaniya 1. 3M Olympus, when you can take $ 30 more expensive camera 2. 1M + 16m flash drive - do not understand.

13.05.2002 11:22:00

the account mustek
Do you happen to know tft displeychik
it can be turned off (so without fotit)
And how many pictures HQ Battery lasts about 1600?

question all the way.
And as far as the battery in the Olympus C-1?
there are only 2 akum.

13.05.2002 14:00:00

I have 4 aakum. from Olumpus. (1700 Mah) Two fully charged enough staff to 100 using the screen (in general it does not turn off) + opchitesky zoom. (It is not too little "eats") Camera Olympus C1- zoom

13.05.2002 14:04:00


14.05.2002 13:47:00
That would have to look at the examples gallery etoy Mustek 3000
no one knows where they would dig.
can certainly buy and check, but do not return the money

And then in 1500 there were problems with colors. red.
http: // www. heise. de / ct / ftp / testbilder /

Best of all there with the color rendition in my opinion Casio.
But they are dohrinischa.

14.05.2002 16:36:00
more precisely
http: // www. heise. de / ct / ftp / testbilder / kameras_0026 /

Mustec i Olympus underneath
One price category
The latter quality is more or less.
A first - tihii horror.
I do not think that the situation on the ratio of their qualities has changed dramatically to a real, time.

Mustek always made technique (At least remember their scanner, very popular earlier because of the low-price), with lower cost and lower quality than the competition.

I can not understand why they are in their late-model generally made to a software inerpolyasiyu ZMegapih with the matrix in 2megapih? It generally can be disabled to receive

here's a quick overview of the test mdtsz000
But in Czech.
Does anyone understand what they wrote about Mustek?
http: // www. grafika. cz / art / df / mustek3000_r. html

15.05.2002 11:25:00
http: // www. siberianfair. ru / gallery / gallery. htm
Photographed Mustek-th in the low (800x600), it seems more and more pinched jpeg-th (the sky).
me the colors are quite satisfied.

There Mustek 1500 to 1. 5Mpix matrix.

way, by the comparison of pictures that you threw, Mustek-I photo I liked much more.

15.05.2002 12:24:00
yes, nothing like color reproduction.
But should look for pictures with the best resolution to have an idea about the quality of the pictures.
And not a good idea to further plans - and portraits. After all, the main purpose of compact digital cameras are not landscape photography and shooting with the grandmothers lyubimumi cacti.
'll wait for more pictures. . .

15.05.2002 12:49:00
colors are the worst of all (I mean 1500)
in the review of cheap cameras.
there in the list of reports have the original picture. ( http: // www. Heise. De / ct / ftp / testbilder / )
So look carefully at the original and mastekovskuyu photo.
1) color box (in which the sunflower)
2) top box with watercolor - the second row of the second color on the left
3) color granite (or whatever stone)
4) Color pans
5) blue thick pen on diskettes
and a lot more then plus unimportant grayscale.

15.05.2002 18:12:00
By the way there is a Samsung Digimax 130
http: // dtimes. 10x15. ru / museum_text. 10x15? id = 230

Examples gallery
http: // www. cyberphoto. se / bildexempel / dm130 / IMAG0007. JPG
http: // www. cyberphoto. se / bildexempel / dm130 / IMAG0005. JPG

Price - 179 evergreen

PS What KYOCERA EZ DIGITAL 1. 3 no yuzal?
Painfully price pleases - $ 139

15.05.2002 19:34:00
Samsung is antiadvertising?
impression that photo in 320x240 mode sdalat. )

& gt; PS And what KYOCERA EZ DIGITAL 1. 3 no yuzal?
& gt; Painfully price pleases - 139 $
venture to suggest that the price and quality )

to AiR:
mustek 1500 that sucks - there is no doubt of course not.
And here musteka 3000 with flowers like really will be better. . .
but it generally no pictures in the Internet can not find.
directly kakayato mysticism; "))

16.05.2002 1:33:00
And what people will say about this camera
Someone saw the test results or review this camera

www. trust. com

Fotoapp. TRUST FAMILYC @ M FLASH 500 131 117 116 12
Digital, 1280x960, 3. 3 MegaPixel 2/3 "CMOS 50lux min, LCD, memory 16Mb, USB, size 65x100x30, function Video & Webcam

PS 131 - retail price in Kiev

16.05.2002 6:46:00
to verigo2002

general in 3000 by Sonya matrix.
do not know how this has affected the image, but if the filling remains the same
you see any. photo until I see I will not believe.
and generally like a good 2Mpix camera for $ 200

to deadhead:

seems to muck this trust. 3. 3 MPix - software! ! ! !
resolution 1280 x 960 CMOS sensor and even unknown nature.

16.05.2002 9:36:00

Where you've seen her in Kiev? Its form

http: // www. trust. com / products / productpics. htm? artnr = 12640
Its specifications
http: // www. trust. com / products / product. htm? artnr = 12640 & show = 1
But I noticed she had no displeychika - because the price is so small. And at hardware RESOLUTION -
only 1280 x 960

16.05.2002 11:02:00
And here's another interesting unit:
http: // www. oldi. ru / frameset. php3 / complect / digicams / p ... remier_dc2102. htm

no photos with him did not see? ? ?

white balance adjustment has

way at mysteka shutter to 1/2000 sec. - Mogno athletes shoot

16.05.2002 13:31:00
Found (with difficulty) review of KYOCERA EZ DIGITAL 1. 3 (with photos!!)
http: // gear. ign. com / articles / 316205p1. html
vote machine

16.05.2002 14:09:00
According to some sources in MASTEK also have presets balance. And about vivicam 3550 who says that? Total for 4200 in the same office seen. 1. 3 matrix, tft, BUT, no flush.

16.05.2002 20:16:00
www. k- trade. com. ua
omit the space if necessary. There
and description nadybat necessary.
3. 3 Megapixel softarnyh what? And how many Softpedia?
Yes, a little shabby, it looks compared to MASTEK that in Kiev still has never seen.
Someone knows where in Kiev MASTEK buy at ~ 180 green?

16.05.2002 20:32:00

here look.
http: // itc. ua / hlprice. phtml? id = 4847
If you buy - will tell.

17.05.2002 1:10:00

OK! But I'll wait first, or someone's loud cries of joy or mat, and then decide to take it or not.
And about crappy equipment MASTEK can only say one thing: bought a scanner mastekovsky - cheap like borscht, so it scans better than Umax 2400S which stands on the job. Can
Yumeks and bad scanner, but the price he has only four times higher. Hence conclusions. . . .

17.05.2002 14:16:00

Regarding Premier 2102, look at the manufacturer's website
http: // www. premierc. com. tw / premiere / products / newprod ... ntents-dc2102. htm
I now look to the DC2320, which with zoom, it has a counterpart in the face Toshiba M25, respectively, in 2102, too, somewhere someone is there, but whose is OEM?

17.05.2002 14:37:00
to Gellowgles:

thanks, we were there
if even know where the pictures look
all 2102 similar to Toshiba M21 very
should have 220 green

17.05.2002 15:26:00

18.05.2002 6:49:00

Thank you friend! ! !
photo even quite good. did not expect this from a $ 200 camera.
so I think we can take. and about the premises - even brand
camera lower price range do not provide good quality
now would be here still mustek view.
we have it at a thousand rubles cheaper plus it has 16 megs against 8 Premier
and it is possible to use as a video and webcam.

18.05.2002 9:17:00
8 that 16 is still "not enough will," have to buy at least 64, the video without sound do not need people here say that it always turns dark, and as a web camera to use - it's all a toy if they can not provide quality, taking functionality. All this applies to deshovy cameras. First, we should pay attention to the quality of the pictures, because if it does not suit you, do not save any features, and the need to save wisely.

looked at her specification (MDC3000), sensor size is not specified anywhere that already leads to some reflection, is bounded below 1/25 shutter, white balance and no AUTO ekspokorektsii, IMHO not worth it so.

18.05.2002 14:25:00
Just bought for 213 evergreen Olympus C1 Zoom C-You.
While everything seems normal, only the image on a screen for some reason, with a half-mm margin on each side, and on the right so to do 2 mm. Do not worry, I'll go to the service. The unit took
cap portion (Moscow), by magicians found (an endangered species).
optical zoom plus digital - cool. 8meg on board. . .
best cheap if you can find.
opisalovo on www. foto. ru: up:

18.05.2002 15:40:00

All images that I saw were noisy, especially indoors or refute my opinion.

18.05.2002 15:51:00
Yes. . . at this price - it is the optimal choice.
We won it here 320.
A megapixel HP 318 - 230.
before so I put it mildly, idiotic choice stand for the first time )
month now I think to buy: buy oly c1z megapikselnik or HP318 dvuhmegapikselnik, but in 1, 5 times cheaper )

18.05.2002 16:03:00
In the class! And this HP without zoom? Actually, I already pozhelivayu - lacks permission to 10x15.

18.05.2002 18:07:00
Yes 318 HP without zoom.
zoom But I do not particularly like and need, but less dvizhushikshya parts - more reliability.
But what a Oly c1z I kind of know - the entire Internet swamped reviews about it and sample pictures. On average camera on 4. I am satisfied - to fill a family album more or less kachestvennumi pictures - the most it.

but at the expense HP318 - problem. There are no pictures to even compare the quality with other devices.
Some pretty questionable review. Pros abuse - such as optics there is absolutely hopeless. And American buyers contrary yelling with delight - they price it at him 100 bucks anything and everything on the camera automation - do not think it is necessary. What else is just an American, John or Mary want? Some screams are heard - "very easy! Very easy! . "A photo spread in all online reaped the extreme. Almost none of the original photo in full resolution to print and see the real quality and not found on the HP318.
Such are the cases...

by the way, at the expense of Mustek mdc3000
in its on-line shop itself Mustek sells these cameras for $ 299/229
http: // www. mustekdirect. com / products / prod_camra / mdc3000 / index. html

As in Russia, they can cost less than $ 200?
Rejection factory or something...

19.05.2002 0:56:00

one friend in the USA such (HP318), in general, listening to him, I also fired up buying this camera. Try it today and ask to photograph published on the website photos indoors and outdoors.
Although the price of HP318 we have sobered me (& gt; $ 245) and Olympus C1 c-you only costs $ 190. May be it makes sense to take Oly? Or still wait a few months and then take.

open branch about 318.
Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart 318 (links to examples of pictures without compression with max resolution)

19.05.2002 10:32:00
A German online stores I MASTEK generally 175 euros, also saw rejection or what?
just want money.

http: // www. pcphotoreview. com / PRD_129538_3098crx. aspx
What bourgeois write about Mustek

znachitsa so in order about Mustek:
-LCD can turn off (to save)
-4 preset white balance (auto, Fluorescent., and so on. d.)
One thread in Turkish says?
http: // www. mascom. com. tr / kulkil / kamera / mdc3000. htm

Compensation is.

19.05.2002 16:37:00
I would take Oly, price / quality ratio - optimal.

We've got more expensive in Belgium to 1. 5 times.
A nearby supermarket nowhere brought the party more or less deshevuh HP318. . . .

to BF Dragon
When connected to a computer, he can pretend to be an ordinary disk? Or neobhodumo only native mastekovsky software used to flip a photo of it on the computer?
reading mastekovsky PDF manual, and understand that he can not pretend to drive. . . can anyone correct me?

20.05.2002 11:11:00
Boys, I'm just your smile-2 Mpix camera, megapixel stoyashaya cheaper, with such features and reviews on a very good image quality, and you're trying so hard to find where the shoe pinches
I would have already taken, if occasion arises in Moscow presented.

20.05.2002 12:28:00

In fact, it seems you're right. I think this is due to poor optics. I compared with 200zumom - 1z limps a little, but did 200z almost 2 times more expensive. For soap dish in 1zum quality IMHO narmalno. That lab print and say a final opinion.

20.05.2002 15:33:00

21.05.2002 9:01:00
Let's wait

Try to compare with 220z, should not greatly improve, he square matrix is ​​the same as in C1Z.

Well that did not take, it's better s1Z.

22.05.2002 12:06:00
When someone finally buy MASTEK
and expressed his admiration? ? ?

22.05.2002 12:58:00

Zhdems-with-a look.
PS Maybe it will and I (31, should get the money)

do not let stupid

22.05.2002 15:06:00
And I would have already picked up, all occasion not podvorachivaetsja. . . By the way, I heard that there is a version of the euro and euro. Some of them better. Nobody heard on this subject?

22.05.2002 16:43:00
So take a look at the description of its American and European sites and compare. . .

In the American version probably less buttons, maybe even only one, Americanos from bOlshego elementov control of a shock usually fall. )

22.05.2002 17:23:00
And here is the pictures Mistek
http: // www. comxtiez. com. my / assets / own / mds3000sample. htm

t. e. Made in this camera.
IMHO - something lathers camera down, do not you think? At Olympus
I think clearer.
True colors are like anything. . . .
What are the views of respected guru?

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Guys tell me plz. what to choose in the area of ​​$ 200 (see. in)?