Olympus C-70 (C-7000)

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23.11.2004 19:43:00
http: // foto. shop. by / images / olympC70_2. jpg (500x375, 41, 6Kb)

http: // foto. shop. by / images / olympC70_3. jpg (500x375, 46, 6Kb)

Main Specifications Camera Olympus C-70 ZOOM:

1/1, 8-inch CCD (7, 1 million. Effective pixels)
Lens: 9 elements in 7 groups, the focal length of 38-190 mm equivalent to 35mm film camera, aperture F2, 8-F4, 8
minimum distance to the object being photographed: 60 cm in normal mode, 8 cm in macro mode, 2 cm in super macro mode
File formats: JPEG, TIFF, RAW, DPOF, Exif2. 2
resolution photos: 3072 x 2304, 3072 x 2048, 2592 x 1944, 2288 x 1712, 2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768, 640 x 480 pixels
video recording at 640 x 480 points (30/15 fps)
optical viewfinder
Built-in flash
Sensitivity: Auto mode, ISO 80/100/200/400
Shutter speeds 15-1 / 2000
White Balance: Auto, Preset
USB port for connect to a computer, video output (system NTSC / PAL)
Supports Direct Print PictBridge
Power: lithium-ion battery LI-12B
Dimensions 102 x 59 x 42, 5 mm Weight 220 g
(without power supply and memory card)

http: // www. compulenta. ru / dk / news / 2004/9/20/50200 /

He has already sold in Moscow.
Somebody had already oprobyval work?


01.12.2004 15:25:00
Well, since no one and do not try this camera work?

01.12.2004 15:51:00
we, too, have already appeared. . . with friends until the present. . .
read that Olympus lens specifically counted for this matrix. . .
very interesting characteristics, but, unlike Sony V3 with the same CCD, look very much mylnichny better if made a smaller copy of 8080. . imho

02.12.2004 12:09:00
http: // www. steves-digicams. com / 2004_reviews / c7000_pg5. html

bad speed:
Shutter lag (the delay from depressing the shutter to actually capturing an image) measured less than 1/10 of a second when pre-focused and only 3/10 of a second including autofocus. When shooting in single drive mode, the shot-to-shot delay averaged 1. 6 seconds without the flash, and 2. 3 second with the flash.

Pictures vs pent750:
http: // www. steves-digicams. com / 2004_reviews / c7000_750z_samples. html

Reviews ENGL

Price Moskve ~ 15-17 m. p. . . . Well for starters nothing is normal.

More obzorchik C ++ and - -

Soon poyavyatsya theme "C7000 vs G6"

08.12.2004 8:48:00

not only vs g6, but casio p700 and sony v3 - it would be nice to compare, but IMHO 7000 much cheaper!

canon s70 forgotten

08.12.2004 9:02:00

it would be nice to compare
already compared
Meant - will argue here on the forum.
(compact vs aperture...)

08.12.2004 9:28:00
the last thing I pondravilas Kask. I just saw her pictures "vnature" - atstoy full, noise megakuchi.

08.12.2004 10:49:00

the last thing I pondravilas Kask. I just saw her pictures "vnature" - atstoy full, noise megakuchi.
And then Casio? I just can not believe you naslovo. There are so many opinions, which on closer examination not podtverzhdayutsya.
are extremely contradictory information, even at one site (a lot of noise vs low noise with strong shumodava). Lazy to look for examples lazy to argue, especially since not going to buy it and not interested. Photos not seen. If noise - so be it, the problem owners.

Olympus C-70 ZOOM, write, less noise. Interestingly these models the matrix is ​​different or what?

14.12.2004 15:19:00
Gentlemen, do you have someone their opinion on this unit? Please share.

14.12.2004 15:28:00
Hey there! ! ! Opinion is, one might even say a lot of opinions! ! ! ! Very familiar with the machine and etim until I see there is only one drawback - cards XD. On image quality and speed he's the best in its class. The only worthy competitor CANON G6, from which I expected to be honest, more. . .

14.12.2004 15:32:00
7 megapixel. . . interesting matrix noisy?
cons that catch at first glance (IMHO):
- HD format memory cards
- a Li-Ion battery

2Kurbet Dmitriy canon g6 slightly more expensive for

14.12.2004 15:44:00
One gets to much in the same topic (Olympus C-70 (C-7000) who already probyval?) Can turn out the FAQ by C70, and then absolutely agree on this Fautua not, and so we would like.

14.12.2004 16:26:00
First, as soon as he came into my hands, I compared it with the Canon S50 / S60 and later with the S70 and that's what I want to note: on noise Canon still a little but better, but the structure of the image Olympus is interesting - the picture more clear, fine detail, natural colors (especially pleased with the accuracy of the color of objects flash lighting fittings). Focus on speed Olympus also liked more. And when given the chance sravnitC-70 G6, then all turned out to be more interesting 2, 0-3, 0 UTB certainly good, but the geometry of G6-in could be better. . .

And at the C-70 an excellent screen, 216000 points on two inches it a lot!

14.12.2004 16:48:00
And what this camera with the Russian language? I understand that it's not there? On
http: // onlinetrade. ru / cgi-bin / shop. cgi? rzm = info & amp; tvr = 22353 & amp; inforzm = tech & amp; inforzm2 = discount & amp; prz_fian = says that you can download other languages ​​with the help of the program Olympus master? probyval somebody to do it, and whether it deprives warranty.

14.12.2004 17:08:00
And at the C-70 an excellent screen, 216000 points on two inches it a lot!

IMHO the only advantage

14.12.2004 18:22:00

IMHO the only advantage
Ready gladly bet! ! !

17.12.2004 1:11:00
Today obzvaniv several stores in Moscow, did not find this camera for sale, said it sold out. A
impressions still no.

Here, one person has already bought his first impressions http: // club. foto. ru / camera / model. php? mod_id = 578

21.12.2004 16:29:00
omit the topic aside ))
on http: // club. foto. ru / camera / model. php? mod_id = 578 have another review. Unfortunately, people are still very long to use the device.

forward to more!

21.12.2004 17:12:00
Today bought this camera as is heated, I study manual. Try

22.12.2004 9:54:00

I look forward to.
stand before a difficult choice Oly C70 v. s. Fuji 810 v. s. Pentax 750

And the disc has Russian manual? You can send

edward (Sabaki) esterdev. com

22.12.2004 13:12:00
if you can send instructions in English or Russian are also pleased to read. . .
tosh (dog) bk. ru

23.12.2004 14:41:00

Well, as the camera down?

24.12.2004 16:14:00
Today, after consultation hotline support Olympys and service center russifitsirovat menu.
It's okay, though in some places there is still English.
said that this guarantee does not deprive.
But now the language selection menu only Russian.

Very cool, after bringing the device to factory settings, the total Reset, Russian disappeared and the menu is back to how it was before, and the menu item with the Russian language does not appear.

24.12.2004 16:22:00
Shoorix, I spotted the docks something like that RAW recording time of 10 seconds, and all this time the camera is locked (!!!). can you check it?

24.12.2004 16:29:00
Yes 8-10 seconds and the camera is locked.

24.12.2004 16:38:00
& Gt; & Gt; Yes 8-10 seconds and the camera is locked.


24.12.2004 17:02:00
I wonder how write speed RAW other cameras?

24.12.2004 17:17:00
all cameras have a buffer. for example, G6 RAW takes off from the buffer to the card, and it is now ready to take the next shot.
at Olympus proved too small a buffer. . . JPEG it climbs, RAW is not.

05.01.2005 0:31:00
I have this copy. Pocket just super. That's just the settings you need to understand. AUTO mode at all. But if everything is correctly set (especially the white balance on the model (snow) when shooting winter landscapes) pictures just stunned.

Prompt detail as Russified menu. Firmware can throw off.

07.01.2005 1:37:00
Step by step instructions Russification Olympus C 70:

1. Install the program Olympus master from the CD supplied with the camera.
2. Set the computer connection to the Internet.
3. Connect the camera to the computer.
4. Run the program Olympus Master.
5. user`s Browse Images.
6. user`s Online Service.
7. user`s Update Camera in the dialog box click "OK".
8. Then, after the definition of the model and firmware version click "check for latest version".
9. After the connection to the server in a row "Select the additional language" choose "russian" and click "Update",
10. Next in the box, click "OK" Then click "Agree" and then download from the Internet program, press "ok".
11. The camera will show "OK".
12. In the drop down box in the program, press "Close".
13. Turn off the camera.
14. To disconnect from the computer.

ALL. RUSSIAN menu is set.

If you want to remove Russian menu and return to the factory settings
1. Turn on the camera.
2. Open the battery compartment cover, the screen of the camera should be blue and appears "to cover. OPEN."
3. Press and hold a few seconds "OK" button and the "quick view"
4. In the menu that appears, select the "camera"
5. Press the right button on the camera and selecting the "reset", press "ok"
6. Close the battery cover.

ALL. ALL MODES AND MENUS ARE CAMERA to factory settings.

07.01.2005 15:23:00

AUTO mode is not at all
Is not this car?
see Appendix Figure

07.01.2005 16:32:00
This mode view photos and videos, as well as for audio playback.

07.01.2005 18:00:00
And is it possible that the CAR was not at the present fotike?
http: // www. olympus. com. ru / catalog / digimg / inc / specs. html? id = C-70ZOOM
here of car

08.01.2005 2:05:00
No, pure auto mode is not here, but if Fot put on "P", ISO to "AUTO" white balance "AUTO", the exhibition on "ESP" and the focus on the "ESP", in principle, the same machine can only ekpokorektsiey operate.

09.01.2005 14:00:00

Thank you, I'll try. As by the way, is his place, or he is still clumsy?
I can only focus tune - sometimes brings.
AF - AF and AE - what? And how to translate modes ESP, SPOT, multi metering.
general fotikom satisfied! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

No, pure auto mode is not here, but if Fot put on "P", ISO to "AUTO" white balance "AUTO", the exhibition on "ESP" and the focus on the "ESP", basically the same machine You can only operate ekpokorektsiey.
fully agree with

09.01.2005 15:07:00
Yes autofocus something namudrili they are not always well-adjusted in low light. Although I
probyval on Canon S50, too, autofocus is not a fountain. maybe it's all so compact.
Maybe it's because of camera shake and should try to put more vyderku.

AE - AE.

ESP - Adapting the exposure or focus automatically on any most successful areas of the image.
SPOT - Adapting the exposure or focus on a label in the viewfinder.
multi metering - Adapting the exposure or focus on a few points on the personal choice.
It's all good in the written instructions

09.01.2005 21:54:00
I have instructions in English. And in electronic form on your disk is Russian?

10.01.2005 11:51:00

sent, check your mail

10.01.2005 14:55:00

Va. . a. . a. . y. Gr8! Thank you very much! I do not know how you and thank! ?

11.01.2005 2:00:00

11.01.2005 2:44:00

Thanks for the link. Still OLYMPUS Master. . .

Drew accidentally attention C-7000 (the one for the US market) Made in Japan, and the C-70 Made in China discrimination.

11.01.2005 4:15:00

Drew accidentally attention C-7000 (the one for the US market) Made in Japan, and the C-70 Made in China discrimination.
and where you saw it.
I fotike written on "Made in Japan"

11.01.2005 6:40:00
and All
apologize. Indeed, both made in Japan. Just as many surveys reviewed in my head all messed up.

11.01.2005 22:04:00
no question! ! !
as soon pass. With instruction quickly figured out how to put the manual focus. Here amuse!

12.01.2005 13:02:00

and how much guarantee Tekhsoyuz C-70? Manufacturer's Warranty 2years, and there give 1year.

12.01.2005 22:26:00
As the speed of autofocus?

I want to change my Canon A75 at Oli C-70. Makes sense?

12.01.2005 23:03:00

they told me that the warranty gives the Olympus, the warranty card is written two-year warranty.
On this occasion, you can call the hotline Olympus bodies. 095 545-36-26, they explain.

In low light autofocus speed is not very.
And what about the fact that the change on the A75 C70, I think it makes no sense, take something more serious, and you decide, I just came across the A75. My opinion
digital compacts is expensive toys.

14.01.2005 13:23:00
Today, finally bought the Olympus C-70 went to the office Tekhsoyuz, but one detail why bother printing stands firm Aries? I asked, they said because it is an online store, but still confused about Tekhsoyuz no where mentioned.
And what is your pchat?

14.01.2005 13:27:00

even then for 7070
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Olympus C-70 (C-7000)