Was: choice between Canon 450D & amp; 40D & amp; Nikon D90 & amp; Pentax K200D At the moment I am in China. Must make a quick choice in buying the camera (there are 2 days for a decision) to a friend. I myself am in cameras understand bad, or rather very bad. . .
Why is there no discussion of a subject - no one bought so far? looked in Search - found only one reference to the fact that the references to a super camera down. On the official website there is a complete infa: S100 seems like only one main drawback - the price and videos only 640 * 480.
It is necessary to fit loosely in the growth of 5-6 people with a margin on top of half a meter. I need a background width of 5-6 meters.
I propose to discuss the review and test of digital camera Canon EOS 70D SLR from a number of advanced amateur photographers to quote: HDR-images can only be done in JPG - in RAW can not Well, actually, if you think about what a RAW and that is HDR, it becomes obvious that it is not "impossible"
Good afternoon, going to update the camera down, do not want to SLR, as fotkayu purely amateur and DSLR IMHO too many difficulties with the selection of optics, etc. and etc. But here's what really do not like conventional CD - lack of opportunities focus on the ring.
Dear professionals, ask for help in choosing a universal lens for Nikon d5200. The lens is needed for portraits (growth and waist). . .
Moscow. I go on the subway. Recently wagons on posters with metro stations began to appear photos. And what! Wide angle, aspect ratio is clearly wider than 16: 9 (but not measured line - heavy rush hour something ) keep an eye on - frame splicing traces found when the panorama of several did.
Was careless enough to use the camera on the sea in stormy weather without a protective filter on the lens. As a result, the lens were dried microdroplets from splashing. Water will not wash, do not come off with a fingernail.
Omsk Hello! There is a proposal to make out the FAQ by digital photography in Omsk: - Cameras - where to buy order; - lab printers with DSC - addresses, prices; - accessories that are available for the DSC Ordered his "digital world" (in NPV) Olympus mju 410, waiting for the second week
Any megapixel quality material Ease screen Rate important Autofocus - not to miss a good photo (facial expression, etc.) on a fixed P-click in and get a normal photo portrait of a Rabbi in any light without flash and without noise read a lot. .
http: // mini. zeiss. com. cn / review. html? id = 365 In China, the case launched a teaser on the camera, which will be announced in September. it is suggested to guess the parameters. On September 27, 10 winners will be awarded elephants.
Hello everyone! Nikon SLR choose between and Canon. Generally more inclined to Nikon for large matrix sizes and smaller pixel size (16 megapixel D5100 vs. Canon 600D 18 MP). But the theme is not about that.
Should I wait for better times, or what to expect? This is me about the possibility of get more for it. Helios 44-2 lens, Zenit ET.
Lord, help me understand, there are two camera LUMIX DMC-LZ8 and LUMIX DMC-TZ4. http: // www. panasonic. ru / products / digital_av / digital_ ... era / lumix / DMC-LZ8 http: // www. panasonic. ru / products / digital_av / digital_ ...
Bought yesterday, choosing between KonicaM Z3 vs Panas Z3, find boutiques attended both devices and Photo Lab ibid tvertel long, steep, and then made a couple of shots both printed and then, compared. . . originally wanted KM, but in comparison Panas won.