when you connect the camera via the web interface by IE v6 - window appears ActiveX "a video but it does not show long struggled with the problem until you went to check on other machines in IE7 picture shows in 6kah no in the manual written that requires IE6 and if the version is less,
I accidentally found here is the news. http: // www. ixbt. com / news / 2015/12/11 / z-camera-e1-micr ... our-thirds-4. html And here is my opinion on this matter. This is a very good concept, which even seems to violate the "obvious laws of physics" - so it is unusual.
The owners of digital cameras Canon, tell me pliz, how do you deal with no indication of battery / batteries in your camera? As I said a consultant at Canon-ovskih cameras it does not exist - only DSLR. And More ... Select model CANON PowerShot A590 IS, but there are no reviews about it ...
On the long-awaited by all of today's conference Canon, perhaps the most unexpected announcement was the announcement of quality "reset" a previous 4 years ago a series of devices with an index of S.
Please tell me whether at work fotike this card, search engines and clambered forum nowhere information.
In the first leaked information about EOS 6D, the upcoming Canon SLR camera with a full frame sensor. As previously reported, the upcoming model will be positioned as a budget and will compete with preparing for the announcement of the camera Nikon D600.
What do I lose by converting RAW to DNG? Razver one rabbi now from 25 megabytes for a walk a couple of gigs dialed. Garbage clean, but still the place is lost.
Here is a link, http: // webfiles.
The question I am writing the second time, t. To. In the first case received no reply. I'm not interested formula, I do not know how bright is the candle, which should cover a certain area. . .
Interested in how behaves Canon EF 100mm f / 2. 8 USM Macro as portretnik sprinkled on? Will it be better (worse) Canon EF 85mm f / 1.
Need a pocket compact, budget, new or used / y ~ 3 thousand. P. , Maksium 4t. p. main requirement - that the camera works quickly, without exhausting nerves slow start and unhurried process focus and retention.
Canon EOS30D not want to take pictures when the lift up the lens upward. Does not want it. Sometimes it turns out to deceive. First navozhu in a horizontal position, then rises sharply and shoot the thing.
There is a machine canon eos 400d. for it is going to buy a memory card.
Decided to take DSLRs Nikon (was once fascinated and have a good supply of manual lenses Nikon, metering will not work I know), I want to take something budget and there was a question or D3300 (bribes absence.
Please help choose the converter to convert video files WMV, AVI and so on. D. To MPG clear for the camera.