Good afternoon. Advise Shirikov for fulfreyma. Now I rented Shirikov 7-14 on Panasonic G series (crop x2). I decided to order Shirikov to 6D. course I would like to 11-24, but the price of space there, so or fix 14/2. 8 or zoom 16-35 / 2.
Welcome! Prompt, no one is faced with the program for PDAs WinMobile (6-6, 5) to control the camera, such as Canon EOS? What would be the functional shutter camera at regular intervals, and that the CCP used as an ordinary wired remote control for shutter camera.
Help me please. How to throw in that case? The video card is just a tv-out but the entrance to etih (like tulips) no.
My favorite and I think luchshpya viewer for PAB files Nikon View 6. 2. 7., stopped working with the D300. Nikon View an error and closes the program. What could it be? Or what is a change to this program? using version: Nikon View 6. 2. 7.
Hello finally decided to change the bar of soap for inexpensive SLR. Predvaritelno- Nikon D5100 with 18-105 lens. Choice born after weeks of reading forums and reviews, but t. To. I never specialist, and not even a great lover, doubts remained.
Advise that it is better to take? As a first SLR. Thank you.
The pros and cons please upload here to see prices, I think the owners and those who wish to buy this device will be interesting to read this infoy! ! !
as a cheaper way to do packing. . Canon A630 has a soap dish, not very good quality, it is important, for it is purely for the video used for photo et SLR. . .
On the photo. Dr tossed link. The man wrote an article, as he himself without the help of CC otyustiroval autofocus on your Nikon D70. Article here http: // dvdhelp. narod. ru / D70_back_focus.
Hello everyone! Help to choose the camera. understand that the topic accordion creepy, but I really already blew their brains! Objective: high quality photos for yourself / family / friends. Application: home, street, photography, peizazh tourism. In general wagon.
Bought this camera down on sale for ridiculous 2800r. When you connect via WiFi, he says that there is a new firmware version. According to the manual, connect the cable to the PC, install the application i-launcher, it will download this firmware.
Bought in the Emirates SONY @ NEX-5T but there is no Russian language, tell me you can do to alter it if you can how and where.
There is a sample of Studio Light Ditech ES120 Kit. Help set up Sync-tion with Canon EOS650d. There is also a trigger youngno ex565. Here he found. Ways to run this Flash Sync button Test, or optical control.
Bought myself this device (NV10), but picked the wrong distributor ("Eves *** be" that she was not well...). The camera takes really, no complaints, I as an amateur for the eyes missing.
Hello! Question owners of digital cameras, the size of the matrix 24x36 mm. Can I get a photo with a sharpness (cutting not only bees, but the flower) with the aid of full-frame camera and a macro lens. In particular, Nikon D700 lens Nikon Nikkor AF 60 mm F / 2. 8 D Micro.