Now, caught in the news? Do not think for advertising or anti-advertising: Chinese company Ningbo Junhuey became the new owner of Russian retail chain of photographic equipment Foto. Ru. It is reported by CNews referring to the press service of the Foto. Ru. Terms of the deal Foto.
For patent infringement Caltech / JPL: http: // forums. dpreview. com / forums / read. asp? forum = 100 ...; message = 29725402 And this is - a list of patents in question: http: // forums. dpreview. com / forums / read. asp? forum = 100 ...
Not to work with raster graphics in different software, namely the presentation of the working base in the area - the basic concepts, terminology used, the principles of working with color (color models, profiles, conversion between them), a description of the most commonly used file formats, and so
Links for Olympus Camedia C-5060 Wide Zoom camera review http: // www. ixbt. com / digimage / olympus5060. shtml http: // portativ. com. ua / 476 / http: // www. steves-digicams. com / 2003_reviews / c5060. html http: // www. dcresource. com / reviews / olympus / c5060wz-review / index.
Tea lovers and Messrs Lamer, start with this: http: // www. ixbt. com / digimage / flashandmade. shtml And then read below flood: today I bought my first tsifrofotozhizni automatic flash SIGMA EF 500 DG ST for Sony . . Popyhal in the dark so and weak diffuser.
QUESTION: Is there a program batch productions copyright, and if so, where they can download it? In advance, thanks for the tips! problem following, photographed 27-28. 11. 07 on TV about 1200 photos. One of the main recipients of requests to give her all at once, and this Saturday.
made collection and spelled metadata (in particular Description Keywords Title) on a large number of photos. Now in addition to transfer photos themselves on another PC, you have to transfer this database bridge. Please tell me how.
I am the owner Nikon L110. Have-it possible to get access to more advanced settings? Because in "Auto" mode is possible to change the exposure alone.
Welcome, help determine the choice: going to buy a camera Nikon D7000, which take 18-105 kit or body + lens Nikon 18-200mm f / 3. 5-5.
What is macro photography shoot? http: // www. youtube.
Hello! Such a problem, please help! Accidentally formatted USB flash drive (Micro SD) c fotika with daughter's pictures, my daughter in tears, I'm in mourning. . . . Tried to restore prog DeleteFix Photo and PhotoRescue many pictures program has recovered, but unfortunately they are paid.
I have a camera and lenses, what - would not want to stop there, so as not to divert the topic in discussion cameras / lenses - but good on this forum are mostly positive responses. filmed me my friends - not professionals.
Mourns the C-5050 in the mind of the new was surprised to find an amazing fact of the total absence of RAW in all non-specular Olympus. Maybe something I do not doglyadel. In general, it seems that the price range up to 12t it no one else. Samsung WB5000 / 5500 does not count.
Dear comrades, ask for advice in choosing the machine. The main criterion for me is naiminimalneyshy size. By nature I am very lazy and I just broke carry with them different things. Were / are a variety of video cameras.
Dear comrades, need your advice. . . lately tormented desire to go on with his D300S D50 of an old view of the fact that "run" it already large and "outgrown" I have it at some point (eg wants to play with HDR).